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At Carré d'artistes, go further in your search for sensations and novelties!

Buying an abstract painting is to bring a warm touch in your interior. 

Thinking of buying an abstract painting? Choose one of our abstract paintings for sale: minimalist abstract painting, landscape, marine view or acrylic abstract painting on canvas, you are bound to find your pleasure!

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Discover for example the works of Silvia Depaire, an artist from Argentina who works with the technique of Fluid painting, especially with acrylic. Her marine depths vibrate cleverly with the mixture of pigments and colors.

If you prefer canvases in relief, those that take up space, take a walk through Gérard Clisson's gallery. This visual artist invents real dynamics with his technique of "Constructive Destruction" that he achieves mainly through collage. In accordance with his time, he uses a lot of recycled materials.

At Carré d'artistes, you are sure to make beautiful discoveries of abstract works thanks to our abstract painters: will you be rather charmed by the rhythmic and colored abstractions of Thierry Zdzieblo or by the abstract paintings all in material of the South Korean Yongho Park? The hardest thing will be to choose!

You can buy several abstract works and make a composition to create a great wall decoration

Abstract painting 967 Brume/Fujib by Silvia Depaire, at Carré d'artistes


The abstract painting of Carré d'artistes

Carré d'artistes has abstract compositions for purchase that will take you on a journey to an unreal and subjective world while bringing a touch of "radiance" to your interior decoration. Our selections of contemporary paintings are available in our art galleries as well as on our website and are intended for all visual art lovers.

Carré d'artistes offers unique and certified pieces of all styles of painting so that everyone can find their happiness.



Abstract painting on canvas frees itself from the representation of reality and the world of appearances to formulate another vision of the world specific to each artist. The aim is no longer for the public to recognize a landscape or a scene, but to discover an unknown reality, a new sensory experience.

Abstract art in painting has undergone a remarkable evolution over the years. This art form is characterized by shapes, colors and lines that do not represent concrete objects from the real world, but rather seek to create a unique visual experience. The abstract painting does not appeal to the viewer's reason, but to their heart and senses.


Various techniques in the abstract paintings

The techniques are becoming more and more innovative to offer us an ever-expanding palette of sensations. Acrylic paint allows to work the material to create effects of fluidity, of movements. Collage is also much appreciated for the relief aspect it gives to the abstract painting.

There is also the abstract watercolor technique. Many artists use mixed techniques such as photography, painting with a knife. The diversity and the mixture of the techniques allow to escape the reality.

Abstract acrylic painting on canvas is another modern technique that is popular with many artists. It offers a wide variety of creative possibilities in terms of colors, textures and techniques. Abstract acrylic painting on canvas is a modern technique that allows artists to create works rich in color and texture. This technique allows for different effects depending on the thickness and texture of the paint.
Artists often use layering, scraping and dripping techniques to achieve interesting and dynamic effects. With acrylic abstract painting on canvas, the creative possibilities are endless, allowing artists to express themselves freely and explore new avenues in abstract art.


Analyze an abstract work

The most important thing is to appreciate the emotion of contemporary abstract works, the feeling of the observers that abstract painting conveys. You can leave aside for a while your own reason and habits.



It is important to know that abstract art emerged in the second half of the 20th century. In the 1830's, the invention of photography, which was a rival to painting, shook the painters who no longer felt useful to represent and figure the world. Thus they questioned themselves.

At the same time, museums are modernized, they now welcome living artists. This makes them want to explore the possibilities that painting offers by playing with colors, materials, lines and geometric shapes.

From now on, artists no longer seek to represent the world faithfully, but to translate it through the prism of their sensitivity, their history, their experience. They are more interested in the way of painting than in the subject.


Vassily Kandinsky and abstract art

Even if he was criticized as an "incurable madman" in his time, the painter Vassily Kandinsky is recognized as THE founder of abstract art. He was the first to free himself from figurative representation in his paintings.

He considers that the forms, the colors and the matter are enough to create an emotion without the need to refer to anything. According to him, this is the path to follow to create a universal art that crosses continents and eras, because the emotion is timeless.

In 1925, he painted Yellow-Red-Blue, an explosion of colors and shapes that invites the reader to imagine, because for him painting must be the means to transmit an emotion or a feeling from the artist to the observer. He claimed in Du spirituel dans l'art et dans la peinture en particulier, in 1911: "The artist is the hand that by the proper use of such and such a touch puts the human soul in vibration."


From modern abstract painting to contemporary painting

What is the difference between lyrical abstraction and modern abstraction?

The abstract painting is an artistic movement dating from the 20th century.
It is difficult to miss this art although the forms and styles have evolved since then.

The twentieth century is the century of abstraction, the abstract painters have realized new experiences and new pictorial forms.

The following century is less innovative, the abstract work is associated with the current world, the abstract artists rely on previous styles and techniques.

The abstract paintings are therefore modified in form and composition, without artistic innovation.


Other abstract painters

Other Russian artists are considered the pioneers of abstract painting, because it is first in Russia that abstract painting takes off. Kasimir Malevitch baffled his contemporaries with his Black Square on a White Background which stripped art to evoke "the feeling of the absence of the object", Sonia Delaunay left an abundant work in which abstract art is combined with Fauvism and Orphism, movements that stem from abstraction.

Other pioneers of abstraction have left their names in the history of painting: Piet Mondrian, a Dutch painter who focused on space on the canvas, Kupka who was inspired by his scientific knowledge of colors to exalt the sensations in particular with his painting Fugue with two colors in 1912.

Robert Delaunay, who we can also mention, was an abstract painter born on April 12, 1885 in Paris and died on October 25, 1941 in Montpellier.

If you want to know more about abstract painting, you can check out our blog posts and browse through portraits of abstract painters, analysis of abstract paintings as well as news on this topic.

You wish to buy an abstract work and you hesitate between several works? It is possible to make an appointment with our art curators by videoconference in order to answer your questions and to accompany you.

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