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Buying a large format painting: The advantages of carrÉ d'artistes' canvas paintings for a unique wall decoration


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Art is a powerful means of expressing our creativity and bringing our living spaces to life. The purchase of a painting can be an exciting decision, but it is essential to choose the right painting format to create a captivating and enchanting wall decoration. Among the different options available, large format canvas paintings offer a multitude of advantages in terms of aesthetics and design.

Carré d'artistes presents a wide selection of contemporary paintings. Among the paintings by format, find small format paintings, and large format paintings.

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Why buy contemporary art?

With contemporary paintings, you can establish a design and original atmosphere in your interior decoration. Indeed, our collection of paintings is full of imagination and revisits classics to make astonishing and surprising works. If you are in doubt, take a tour of our categories, you will certainly be surprised (in a good way).

The contemporary artists of Carré d'artistes draw their inspirations from everywhere.

In the street, with the collection of street art paintings, in nature, through abstract canvases, in their travels, with paintings of New York or Paris, or of distant landscapes of breathtaking beauty.


The formats:

  • The small format contemporary paintings range from 13x13 to 36x36
  • The large format canvases are rarely forgotten from 50x50 to 120x120! What's better than a large wall painting to decorate your interior? Say goodbye to modern paintings, hello to Carré d'artistes contemporary paintings.

If you have a particular request, do not hesitate to contact us either by email or by phone, we will be happy to assist you.

Modern and contemporary painting

There is a major distinction between modern painting and contemporary painting, although their definitions can easily be confused and there is some overlap between the two. We speak of modern art from the 1860s to about the 1970s. Modern art is more like Picasso, Matisse or Frida Kahlo, who are iconic modern artists.

But only after World War II, the United States becomes a global artistic center and many artists emerge like Andy Warhol or Willem de Kooning. Contemporary art is primarily related to the present moment and an art produced during our lifetime.

The term "contemporary art" first appeared in 1910, with the foundation of the Society of Contemporary Art by Roger Fry. It was then used a lot in the 1930s as a pejorative term.

Nowadays in the history of art, many movements can be described as part of contemporary art: abstract canvas, abstract painting, figuration, pop art, street art...Contemporary art also varies from one country to another.

The Visual Impact of Large-Format Paintings in Decor

The visual impact of large format paintings is undeniable. When you opt for a generously-sized painting, you instantly draw attention and create a striking focal point within your room.

Whether in the living room, dining room, or even the entrance hall, these imposing paintings captivate the eyes and elicit wonder. Their generous size allows you to brilliantly fill a large wall that might have seemed empty or underutilized.

Imagine the spectacular effect of a well-proportioned painting that dresses an entire wall with its captivating art. Even if you want to highlight a smaller space, a large format painting can still create a strong visual impact, adding a dose of intensity and artistic presence. Small format paintings also have their charm, but if you are looking for a bold artistic statement, larger canvas sizes are an ideal choice for wall decor that will not go unnoticed.

The Advantages of Small-Format Paintings

Small-format paintings also offer many advantages, adding a subtle and delicate artistic touch to your wall decor. Here are some highlights of small format painting:

  • Artistic Intimacy: Small format paintings create a more intimate experience with art. Their smaller size invites close observation, revealing the meticulous details and delicate nuances of the artwork.
  • Arrangement Flexibility: Thanks to their compact size, small format paintings offer great arrangement flexibility. They can be easily integrated into larger artistic compositions, combined with other paintings of similar or varied sizes, creating a harmonious and creative ensemble.
  • Adaptable to Various Spaces: Small format paintings are perfect for dressing up smaller spaces. Whether on a shelf, in a wall niche, or grouped on a smaller wall, these paintings easily adapt to different corners of your interior, adding an artistic touch without visually cluttering the space.
  • Affordable Art Collection: Small format paintings can be a more affordable option to build an art collection. Their smaller size allows you to explore a variety of styles and artists without breaking the bank, allowing you to build a rich and diverse collection.
  • Personalized Gift: Small format paintings make excellent personalized gifts. Their more compact painting format makes them easily transportable, and their careful selection can reflect the tastes and preferences of the person to whom you are offering it.

Whether to complement an existing wall decor, add an artistic charm in a smaller space, or to build a personal art collection, small format paintings offer a multitude of aesthetic and practical advantages.

Buying Artwork by Format at Carré d’artistes

Paintings by artists like Velasquez or Leonardo da Vinci represented life-size portraits, nudes, and other scenes of life.

In contemporary art, the art of the large format quickly established itself, as seen in the works of contemporary artists like Anish Kapoor, Yan Pei ming, or Mark Rothko. Larger, more voluminous XXL painting formats have undeniable aesthetic advantages and create a particular atmosphere in a room. Painters, photographers, and even sculptors have marked the history of contemporary art with artistic gigantism.

At Carré d'artistes, discover contemporary painting artworks by great artists specializing in formats ranging from small to colossal: Fauve, Bjerke, Lau Blou, Catherine Rebeyre, Gustavo Ortiz, Christian Hévin, Natalia Villanueva, and more.

Find all our contemporary artworks in the categories: abstract paintings, acrylic painting, pop art, street art...


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