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Capsule Julien Rey

Julien Rey shared his doubts and artistic aspirations exclusively with his father. He was the only one who really understood him... His death left a huge void, and the artist wanted to pay him the biggest tribute of all.

A trip to the roots

Recently, Julien Rey came across some old works of Halong Bay that he had drawn with Indian ink on paper. "I immediately decided to rework these works with my current technique, lacquer and gold leaf, it was a kind of artistic revelation," he says.

A final gift of love 

"I didn't come across my old works by coincidence. A few days before my father passed away, he remembered those inks. He asked me if I could find them so he could look at them again and remember his childhood, for the last time. We rediscovered them with surprise and he suggested that I return to this theme with my current technique. He never had the chance to see this collection, so this is a sort of tribute to him."

Discover his calming artworks that will inspire mystery, wisdom and simplicity in your home.  
(13 Artworks)
13 Artworks

Unique art for...

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