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Buy a Medium Format Sculpture from Carré d'Artistes


Considering buying a medium format sculpture?

The medium format sculpture is a captivating form of artistic expression that is constantly evolving.

Today, we see many original creations made from various materials, themes, and styles. Thus, sculpture has spread in a less traditional way and has allowed artists to diversify their art. The artistic dimension has grown and now offers creations that are as sublime as each other.

Discover a wide choice of sculptures by format at Carré d'Artistes. Among the small format sculptures or/and the large format sculptures, you will undoubtedly find the ideal work!


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In this constant evolution of sculptural art, the medium-sized sculpture has emerged as a captivating expression. Offering an artistic dimension that is both controlled and accessible, the medium format sculpture interests both art enthusiasts and collectors.

Actualize your purchase of medium-sized sculptures through our extensive network of over 600 artists! Save your favorites to your "wishlist" to keep up with the latest news from your favorite artists and galleries! Also, receive the best of contemporary art news by subscribing to our newsletter. 
Medium-format sculpture


Techniques of Medium-Sized Sculpture

Medium-sized sculpture offers artists a canvas to express their creativity through various captivating techniques. Whether it's wood sculpture, clay sculpture, or bronze sculpture, each medium-sized format offers unique artistic possibilities.

Wood sculpture, a traditional technique, requires skill and precision. Sculptors use various types of wood, such as lime or oak, to shape their medium-sized sculptures. Using specialized tools like chisels and gouges, they delicately sculpt each detail to achieve the desired result.

Clay sculpture offers artists unparalleled freedom and artistic flexibility. The malleability of clay allows them to shape organic forms and play with proportions in the medium-sized format. Modeling tools such as spatulas and sculpting knives are commonly used to create medium-sized sculptures. After creating the clay sculpture, it can be fired in a kiln to make it permanent or serve as a model for a bronze sculpture.

Bronze sculpture is a complex and meticulous technique that involves several steps. Medium-sized sculptors start by creating a clay or wax model as a base for the medium-sized sculpture. Then, a plaster or silicone mold is made from this model. After preparing the mold, the bronze is melted and poured, and then the piece is finely worked and patinated to achieve the final result of the medium-sized artistic sculpture.

Each technique of medium-sized contemporary sculpture requires technical skills and in-depth knowledge of the materials used. Artists must master the specific tools for each technique, as well as the different modeling, carving, and finishing techniques specific to each material. Thanks to their expertise and artistic vision, medium-sized sculptors create unique and captivating works that showcase their talent and passion for contemporary sculptural art.

Whether through the warmth of wood, the malleability of clay, or the splendor of bronze, medium-sized sculpture offers an immersive artistic experience where artists breathe life into their visions with skill and creativity, creating captivating medium-sized contemporary works that captivate the eye and imagination.


Choose from Famous Creators of Magnificent Contemporary Sculptures to Enhance Your Collection

This type of realization dominates the current market! Among our panel of sculptures, we have renowned artists such as Danino Liliane, Floh, Marazzani Valérie, and Naen. They are all talented and possess a true artistic flair that gives their works an incomparable originality and uniqueness!

Dynamic, visionary, or daring, these sculptors are the reference in contemporary sculpture with various dimensions.
You have the possibility to acquire medium-sized sculptures to enhance the charm of your home and add a piece of history directly from the artwork itself. You rediscover the pleasure of authentic creations and exceptional pieces to adorn your interior.


Let Yourself Be Captivated by the Magic of Medium-Sized Sculptures at Carré d'artistes

Contemporary sculptors like Pauline Salvan open the doors to their universe where imagination and innovation intertwine. On our online shop, you can order medium-sized sculptures ranging from classical style to street art, singular art, and pop art. A wide range of these creations awaits you on the Carré d'artistes website!

You will have the pleasure of admiring high-quality creations among the collections of the online gallery. With a three-dimensional inspiration requiring vibrant colors and often industrial materials, the contemporary works we offer for sale are synonymous with artistic revolution. The owners of these magnificent artworks pay special attention to the technique with which they shape each sculpture.


Why Embrace Contemporary Sculpture at Home?

If you are looking for a sculpture with timeless charm, contemporary art sculptures are perfect for you!

With their characteristic design, these are sublime creations that blend perfectly with any interior decoration.

Pop icons, nudes, and animals are themes that reappear remarkably in the art world.


Contemporary sculpture made its first steps in the early 1940s.

Following modern art, contemporary art has garnered enthusiasm in many ways. Although they are sometimes influenced by multiple art movements, contemporary sculptures have their own distinct style. The purpose of these creations is to provide original aesthetic aspects through various materials such as wood, steel, bronze, cement, etc.


More and more households are looking for unique decorations to enhance their homes, apartments, or offices.

The artistic personalities who present their various medium-sized sculptures in our gallery offer a different perspective than traditional sculpture through their extraordinary creations. These unconventional creations by contemporary artists will have a great impact when installed in your home.


Why Choose Carré d'artistes Gallery for Acquiring Your Medium-Sized Sculptures?

Carré d'artistes is an art gallery network present in France, Europe, and other continents.

As the contemporary art market was initially very closed, we decided to open certain doors and communicate the work of some artists who are still unknown to the general public.

Because we believe that everyone has the right to own artworks, we offer superb contemporary sculptures at affordable prices.


Prices Adapted to All Budgets

Whether you have a large or small budget, you can find a sculpture that fits your budget on Carré d'artistes. There are sculptures available at various price points to best satisfy customers.

Thus, you can find medium-sized sculptures at great prices on our site, as well as more expensive ones.

The price varies depending on the rarity of the artwork, its size, and the artist's requirements. Promotional offers may arise along the way. That's why you need to stay connected to be always informed.


Choices of Sculptures According to Your Needs

On Carré d'artistes, you can choose sculptures based on several criteria: style, price, artist, format, and more. Simply select the search filters that match your needs, and you will have the sculpture of your dreams within reach.

We do everything we can to ensure that the customer experience is always at its best.

This is also very convenient for filtering sculptures that are within your reach, especially in terms of prices. Since we have a wide selection in our collection, it could be difficult for you to find the one that suits you best.

If you are looking for a high-quality medium-sized sculpture, don't hesitate to take a look at Carré d'artistes. You can make great deals and find the one that will delight your interior. Come and browse our selection of medium-sized sculptures!


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