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« Great artworks are only great because they are accessible and understood by everyone »
Léon Tolstoï

Our story


Created in 2001, Carré d’artistes wishes to alter the landscape of a very exclusive art market, only made for the wealthy elite. Our key idea? Convince those who are afraid to enter an art gallery that art can be within reach for all! Stephanie Tosi, a young entrepreneur driven by her passion for artistic creation, was bold enough to open a welcoming art gallery, where everyone feels like entering… to find their favorite artwork and perhaps even begin a collection, gradually…

This is how our story began. Since 2001, one has come a long way: more than 30 art galleries have been opened around the globe, going from Sedona to Beijing, not to mention Amsterdam and Paris, with more than 600 exhibited artists.

Still, accompanied by the same desire: to offer you unique and original work!

Our offer is unique...


Everyone should have the right to buy artwork. Art is unexpected, imaginary, sensitive - in short, essential!

This is the reason why, since our creation, we offer collections of artworks of all styles and quality, at a fixed price. Our art curators carefully select each artist for his unique work and assertive style, in order to offer you a wide range of artistic creations - but mainly works which suit each one of you.

Whether you’re a novice or already an art lover, whether you wish to give a unique touch to your indoors or offer intense emotions to a loved one, you’ll definitely find your happiness among our artworks, 109 euros onward!

... at an affordable price


At Carré d’artistes, we have decided to set unique prices, valid for all artists, regardless of the technique which has been used. These prices are assessed depending on one objective criterion, which is the work’s size, which allows to establish a spirit of total transparency between you and our artists and to avoid any form of obscure evaluation of the art market.

Each artwork that is put on sale is unique, not to mention a result of passionate work and many inspirations. To pave the best path possible for art, the beautiful, touching or the unusual, -at your…place!

The world's largest network of galleries


Good news: with more than 30 spaces open in Europe, the Middle East, America and Asia. There is probably a Carré d’artistes gallery near your place! We have tried to make our spaces warm, welcoming and within everyone's reach, so that you feel comfortable. Moreover, our galleries regularly organize events, so that you can meet artists!

Carré d’artistes is also present on the web, with our online gallery carredartistes.com, which counts more than 7000 works available for sale, not to mention presents portraits of each of our artists and on which are posted blog articles that explain the art world and its news.

Unique art for...

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