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Carré d'artistes presents a large selection of resin sculptures.
The creative process of making a resin sculpture is entirely artisanal from A to Z. In general, contemporary sculptors start by creating sketches on paper of their resin work. 

Making a resin sculpture

From sketches, sculptors hand-model a clay sculpture. This first draft is used to make rubber moulds. The artist adds a layer of epoxy resin, a hardening liquid.
He then lets the paste flow into the previously made mould. It is necessary to wait for the resin to become hard and rigid. Then the sculptor opens the mould and takes out the raw resin work. 

Resin art requires a lot of work to prepare the works for removal from the mould. They have to be gently sanded, rubbed, repaired and washed. When the surface of the resin sculpture is smooth, the artist sprays a thick textured paint which will allow the application of the chosen colours. All effects are possible: matt, metallic, shiny... The use of resin as a material to create works of art is quite recent in the history of art, and there are several different resin mixtures. It was only in the 20th century that sculptors increasingly put aside the traditional bronze or plaster casts in favour of resin. 

Resin, a prominent medium in contemporary art 

Resin art has many advantages: it is much lighter than marble or bronze, it offers an infinite range of possibilities for creation, and it is resistant to impact and weathering. 

Duane Hanson is one of the artists who has highlighted the real interest of polyester resin. This pop art sculptor makes his mouldings on his models live to offer a hyper-realistic reality. He uses resin because it allows him to reproduce the smallest details of the skin, clothes, mimics and facial features...

The medium "resin" allows to reach a level of realism rarely touched. The real is represented as close as possible in mirror effect and gives a bluffing, sometimes even disturbing aspect. However, resin is not only used for faithful representations of nature.

The artistic movement of New Realism made extensive use of this medium to distance itself from the constraints of reality. Following the example of Niki de Saint Phalle, this material was chosen to create her gigantic sculptures of women entitled "the Nanas".

This new medium revolutionised the sculptor's approach and work. It has succeeded in seducing a large number of talents and artists of contemporary art and in particular French sculptors. These artists continue to seek precision and accuracy in the representation of reality but also to conceive imaginary and pop characters.

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At Carré d'artistes, discover resin sculptures by contemporary artists: Floh, Valérie Marazzani, Pappay...
Street art sculpture, pop art, abstract sculpture, bronze sculpture... and much more, you will find your favourite here or in our art galleries! 
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