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You are thinking of buying a pop art painting ? 

Carré d'artistes has selected for you a large choice of pop art paintings. The pop art style, a true fashion of the sixties, invites you into a tonic and colorful universe with a popular culture background.

If you want to buy a unique and original pop art painting, choose one of the pop art paintings on sale at Carré d'artistes. In our gallery or on our website, you will find in this selection of paintings pop art your happiness.

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If you like Andy Warhol, you will not be insensitive to the charm of Kikayou's whimsical universe who uses collages and spray cans to sublimate Lucky Luke or the Pink Panther! Your heart sways for Lichtenstein and his comics? Find this pop-art universe with a contemporary artist, Franck Lamboley, who honors icons such as Star Wars, Batman and all the superheroes of your youth and today with his acrylic cans and cardboards.

Pop art painting Carré d'artistes




Two fundamental features:

The integration of street art and pop art in the popular culture, often represents characters of comics, icons, animals and brands like coca cola.

The purchase of pop art painting is not improvised, just take the time to choose the painting you need, because in front of a series of beautiful works like these, it often becomes difficult to decide. This is why our service accompanies you with advice and recommendations. And if you follow an artist closely, we suggest a pop art painting signed by him.




A short history of pop-art painting

Pop art in painting was born in the middle of the 50's in Great Britain, but it originated in the United States, more precisely in New York, although it arrived later. Pop art is mainly derived from the abstract expressionism movement, considered too rigid and pretentious by the painters.

The pop-art artists translate their vision of the society: if we can see that the English or the French, with César in particular, deliver a critical message on the mass culture and on the very consuming society which emerges with the cult of the image, we can also notice that the Americans use it to impose the idea that it is necessary to produce in series for a public of consumers always wider.

Pop art comes from "popular art" in English, which is translated into French as "art populaire". Indeed, the aim of pop-art is to desacralize the work in a concern of democratization of art: the work of art is no longer unique, the canvas is duplicated (we remember Warhol who painted his paintings by the dozen).

It is no longer about noble or rare subjects, artists draw their inspiration from the consumer society of their time: Mickey Mouse or Marilyn Monroe are the most famous subjects. They also draw their subjects from the advertising society.

One remembers Warhol's paintings that used everyday objects, such as a carton of Campbell's soup. This tonic art of the sixties consumes a real break with the art such as one conceived it! Kitsch, according to you? It is a painting which returns to the fashion, Umberto Eco will say besides: "In the Pop-Art, the Kitsch is redeemed and raised to a new state of aesthetic dignity".

A colorful style, mirror of a new consumer society.


Techniques revisited in accordance with industrial progress 

In the 1960s, techniques evolved and artists began to use new products that were emerging on the market: their preference was for acrylic paint, which dries very quickly, and silk-screen printing, which made the most of the stencil. These are now rather industrial techniques.

This earned them the criticism of some who do not recognize in these techniques the noble materials of art. The result is dynamic: vivid, primary colors, out of step with reality, simple lines and sometimes coarse tracings that are free of details.



Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein are considered the pioneers of pop art:
  • Warhol, an advertising man by trade, raised popular culture to the level of art, he is called "the Pope of Pop", because he is recognized as the master in this field. Everyone knows his Marilyn Monroe series, which can now be found in every decoration store, so industrialized was it and still is. He will make of the silk-screened photography on canvas his trademark.
  • Roy Lichtenstein, it is in the comics that he draws the subjects of his paintings. His mission is to achieve "a style as superficial as possible". However, in his works, we can see concerned characters, tearful women, which gives his pop-art paintings a very expressive dimension. There are many names in the pop art world such as James Rosenquist, Marcel Duchamp, Jasper Johns, Lawrence Alloway, Eduardo Paolozzi, Robert Rauschenberg...



Pop art is an artistic movement that became a real fashion that still persists today. It continues to influence modern artists today.
In a society that is transforming and turning towards consumption, industrialization and capitalism, some artists decide to democratize art and address it to popular culture. Modern pop art artists continue to play with the colors, shapes and images of popular culture to create vibrant and eye-catching works.

Modern pop art works are not only beautiful to look at, but they can also convey important social and political messages. Modern pop art artists are finding new ways to incorporate elements of popular culture into their work, creating art that is both nostalgic and contemporary.


American pop art VS English pop art

There are differences between the American pop art and the English one, the English pop art follows the evolutions of the American society but looks at it more of distance, maybe of emotions and most certainly of humor. The pop art of America, is characterized by the culture and the entertainment, of the media as well as of the consumption. It is considered the fruit of experience, the codes are more aggressive and aesthetic.



If you're looking to add life and color to your walls, then street art painting and pop art painting wall decorations are a great choice. Pop art paintings are often bold, vibrant and eye-catching, making them perfect wall decor pieces for modern living spaces.

Pop art paintings are also very versatile, as they can be used to add a splash of color to a monochromatic space or to provide an interesting contrast to an already colorful decor. No matter what your decorating style, modern pop art paintings can add personality and vibrancy to your walls.

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