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Tribute to paul cezanne

Paul Cézanne works of art : birth of modern painting

Cézanne is the link between classical and modern painting. He began painting in an academic style based on the model of the Swiss Academy that he attended, after failing the entrance exam to the Beaux Arts in Paris. When he went to the Louvre to observe and study the great masters of painting, he reproduced on his sketchbooks the classical compositions of painters like Poussin.

Although affiliated with the impressionist movement, Cézanne shared their taste for novelty.
His pictorial style is closer to the romanticism of Delacroix. After having worked for a long time on portraits and still life, with apples that he painted obsessively, Paul Cézanne discovered the landscape and its changing lights. Thanks to a work of touches and juxtaposed lines, he decomposes the subject in a geometrical way. The shadows, most often in blue, cut through the painting with violent contrasts, suggesting the beginnings of Cubist painting. It is in Aix-en-Provence and its surroundings that he will push the experiment to the limits of abstraction. Guided by the light, the Sainte-Victoire mountain will become one of his main sources of inspiration. Picasso said of him: "the father of us all".

Paul Cézanne and Mont Sainte Victoire: forever together

To understand Paul Cézanne's works of art, one must delve into his obsession with the subject. He will paint it and paint it many times, until he forgets it to keep only the light and the forms, in this regard he says the following: "Painting means thinking with his brush". The Provençal landscapes, the villages and of course the very famous Sainte-Victoire mountain become pretexts for an innovative painting, and like an expert in mathematics, he says on this subject: "It is necessary to treat nature by the cylinder, the sphere and the cone". A thought that sums up the essence of his pictorial approach.
A collection of paintings inspired by Paul Cézanne must pay particular attention to the treatment of the subject. A Provençal landscape or the Saint-Victoire mountain will only keep the spirit of Cézanne if they integrate a geometrical composition, a characteristic pictorial style made of juxtaposed and unmixed strokes, a sharp color palette, a treatment of shadows and light that cuts the subject into geometrical planes, an expressive painting.

Cézanne Collection : the artists of our gallery

The artists selected to represent the Paul Cézanne inspired collection are passionate about landscapes. They represent them with their eyes and their sensitivity and bring a lot of care in the mastery of the compositions. Very sensitive to the choice of colors, they work with precision to restore the subtleties of light.

(63 Artworks)
63 Artworks

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