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De Jong Marcel | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • De Jong Marcel | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
De Jong Marcel
"You need to ask a city to pose for you, just like painting a portrait"...I like to paint cityscapes. I'm very inspired by the old dutch paintingmasters of "De Haagse school" like the painters Mesdag, Israëls and Maris.
The Dutch artist has always loved painting and drawing. Cartoons, portraits of men and animals... Marcel De Jong has explored myriad subjects and themes from an early age, often inspired by his surroundings and cityscapes. He may have studied at countless art schools but he's the one who really taught himself. Marcel De Jong is now a freelance illustrator and designer working for several companies. He designs logos, business cards and illustrations. He has a passion for art and loves drawing and painting in equal measure !
Marcel De Jong has always been inspired by the Dutch painters, whose work he admires and observes. Naturally, the artist draws his inspiration from his surroundings, especially from the city of Amsterdam, whose romantic old buildings and their reflections on the water inspire him. To do so, he uses oil paint most often, one of his favorite mediums along with watercolor. The painter specifically handles the technique of painting with a brush and a knife. After having made a sketch of a place, an atmosphere or people, he begins to work on the painting. The painter then takes refuge in his studio, where he continues his work until he considers that his painting is finished.
  • 09/09/1973
    purmerend, Netherlands (the)
  • -
    Académie de dessin gratuite d'Amsterdam
    Amsterdam, Netherlands (the)
  • -
    Galerie Beeldend gesproken
    Amsterdam, Netherlands (the)
(88 Artworks)

88 Artworks

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