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Banksy in the spotlight: our street art collection

Inspired by the work of Banksy, here is the new street art collection. We are happy to offer you captivating colors, original and surprising compositions.

Banksy in the light and shade

Who is Banksy? Banksy, a pseudonym used by the artist, has so far not disclosed his identity to the general public. It therefore remains a mystery that fuels discussions and debates around his art. A world-renowned graffiti artist (many know Banksy's street art), he has been credited with the urban art movement and is dubbed "the world's most famous vandal" by Newsweek. In 2008, the BBC chose the image for Banksy's series "The Mild Mild West", featuring a child holding a sign saying "I want to go out" as the logo to celebrate the start of the Children In Need programming. In 2009, he was nominated for an Oscar in the category of best documentary short for his film Exit Through The Gift Shop.

Banksy's work, between provocation and satire

The artist started tagging in 1989. Banksy's street art combines graffiti, stenciling, installation, sculpture and painting with a political twist. His works have been featured in the streets, walls and bridges of cities around the world.
Banksy's best-known canvas is a mural on the Israeli West Bank barrier wall in Bethlehem that depicts a young Palestinian woman wearing a hijab raising her hand to prevent Israeli troops from shooting at her son who carried a cardboard toy gun. The mural was completed in 2005 and is titled “The Crime Scene” or “Refugee Mother, I'm Proud”.

The works are often satirical and address socio-political issues.
His work has been heavily criticized as vandalism, but the graffiti artist claims to use the act of graffiti as a visual medium to communicate with people who would otherwise never see or understand his message.
Banksy's street art offers the public a pessimistic image of the future and of society, but the whole is imbued with a melancholy poetry that leaves admiration.


Our collection: Banksy's street art

Contemporary art never ceases to amaze you and our collection finds its inspiration in the street art of Banksy, street art, sometimes ephemeral, which nevertheless marks the spirits. You will discover colorful works, where various techniques are used such as acrylic or graffiti.


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21 Artworks



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