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Buy a Painting by Price at Carré d'Artistes


Considering buying a painting by price? 

Art can be a powerful way to express your creativity and beautify your living space. If you're searching for a unique painting that matches your budget, Carré d'Artistes is the ideal place to find a wide selection of affordable art pieces.

Discover how to buy a painting by price at Carré d'Artistes and how to find the perfect painting that fits your budget: Paintings for under 300€, Paintings from 300€ to 1000€, Paintings from 1000€ to 2000€, Paintings over 2000€.


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Buy a painting by price Carré d'artistes

Discover a wide range of painting prices at Carré d’artistes

At Carré d'Artistes, the prices of the paintings depend on the format of the works, allowing you to find something that fits your budget. Whether you're looking for a small painting for your office or a large piece of art for your living room, there are options for all budgets.

  • For the most compact formats, like 13x13 cm, you can find works starting from 109 euros. These small-sized paintings offer an affordable opportunity to add an artistic touch to your space. Despite their reduced size, they retain all the charm and artistic quality of larger pieces and are perfect for complementing a gallery wall.
  • If you prefer a slightly larger format, like 19x19 cm, you can find works starting from 170 euros. These paintings offer a perfect balance between size and price, allowing you to fully appreciate the details and composition of the artwork.
  • For those who want more imposing formats, Carré d'Artistes offers 25x25 cm paintings starting from 285 euros. These pieces offer a more marked visual presence and can become true elements of decoration in your space.
  • The 36x36 cm and 50x50 cm formats offer broader artistic expression possibilities. The 36x36 cm paintings are available starting from 480 euros, while the 50x50 cm paintings start at 880 euros. These larger dimensions allow artists to create more detailed and complex works, offering an immersive artistic experience.
  • For even larger formats, Carré d'Artistes offers 80 cm paintings starting from 1900 euros, 100x100 cm paintings starting from 2900 euros, and 120x120 cm paintings starting from 3800 euros. These large art pieces are designed to have a powerful visual impact and can become the focal point of any room.
  • In addition to standard formats, Carré d'Artistes also offers out-of-format works, which can have more varied dimensions. These unique works can offer bold artistic perspectives and exceptional visual presence.

No matter the format that interests you, Carré d'Artistes offers a wide range of paintings by price to meet your budget. Explore the different dimensions and discover artworks that match your aesthetic tastes, while respecting your financial constraints. Each painting is a unique creation that testifies to the talent and passion of the artists collaborating with Carré d'Artistes.

Why buy a painting by price at Carré d’artistes?

Since time immemorial, man has painted to express himself. Painting is the reference pictorial art for all art and beauty lovers. With the technical advancements our artists have access to, the contemporary paintings we offer are ever more creative.


Enthusiast or novice, at Carré d'Artistes, you will find a selection of original works in all styles you desire. We constantly unearth new artists, to satisfy your cravings and touch your sensitivity.

Our goal: to create an obvious choice and help you find the canvas that is yours.


The plus? At Carré d'Artistes, we democratize art by offering fixed prices for paintings of a certain dimension. Therefore, you can find works of art even if your budget is modest.

Contemporary Painting, Iconic Styles

Enriched by a history where the arts draw their roots from the earliest humans, our artists, originating from diverse backgrounds, work in different styles. From surrealism to pop art, you may also encounter the works of street artist Deuz, or the stunning abstract canvases of Christian Hévin.
More than just paintings, our artists invite you to discover the world they inhabit, sharing with you the subtlety of their art.

Paintings of Diverse Themes

Contemporary painting is erroneously reputed to feature minimalist, abstract works, detached from reality. By browsing our catalog, you'll realize that contemporary art is far more generous, and figurative arts have their rightful place.
Still lifes, portraits, landscapes, we strive to offer you pieces featuring diverse subjects. With an appeal to the poetry of colors and shapes, you'll inevitably find the perfect work to adorn your interiors according to your taste.

Contemporary Painting, Proven Techniques

Far from the stereotype of the painter seated before an easel, brush and palette in hand, our artists explore their art through numerous experiments. Acrylic and watercolor coexist with less traditional painting techniques. Paint becomes a living material that our artists work with using a variety of tools, including brushes, spatulas, spray cans, and stencils. This technical diversity allows them to play with nuances and provide unparalleled effects in their work.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Painting by Price

When looking to buy a painting by price at Carré d'Artistes, it's crucial to take into account your personal preferences as well as the space in which the painting will be displayed. The first thing to consider is the size of the work, as it will determine its visual impact in the room.

Also, think about the artistic style that appeals to you the most, whether it's abstract, figurative, or contemporary.

Colors also play a crucial role in the overall harmony of your decor, so it's important to choose hues that complement the overall ambience of the room.

If you're undecided or need additional advice, don't hesitate to call upon the expertise of Carré d'Artistes' art curators. They can guide you in your choice and help you find the ideal painting that fits your budget.  


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