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  • France
  • Painter
Whatever happens and whatever the circumstances, always do what makes you proud.
An animal lover and passionate horse rider, Anaïs Gruson alias Anagruz has loved drawing since she was a child and soon specialised in depicting wildlife. Alongside her career as an engineer, she embarked on painting and exhibited her paintings from 2016 as a self-taught painter. Passionate rider and in love with animal life, she quickly specialized in animal art, painting African animals first then species from around the world in acrylic. Determined to transmit the attitude of the animal while making one feel its mystery, its strength mixed with delicacy, she combines realism and abstract art, resulting in powerful and innovative works.
Anagruz uses her art to campaign for animals and translates their behaviour, strength and fragility into her powerful and innovative pieces. Her paintings blend abstract art and realism to give audiences an understanding of the animal species around us and encourage us to protect them. She is an animal rights advocate who has taken part in charity exhibitions and an auction for charities protecting endangered species around the world. "I like to paint the animal, it reminds of patience, and especially the truth because it does not lie. Apparently close to us, however, the animal is invariably inaccessible to us, because we cannot hear its communication other than from our own language."

Currently this artist is only exhibited in our online gallery.

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  • 2020
    1st painting prize 41st in the Le Puy Fair
    Puy en Velay, France
  • 2019
    Excellence Award in mixed techniques at the 33rd Art Fair
    Arsenal de la Rochelle, France
  • 2018
    2nd prize in the Press Prize at Galerie Thuillier
    Paris, France
  • 1989
    Condé sur l'Escaut, France


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3 Artworks



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