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Carré d'artistes offers a wide selection of different themes. The main and contemporary themes are mainly nudes, animals and pop icons. But there can be sculptures on any theme: mythological, life scenes, famous characters, fantasy or abstract, everyday objects, and others. 

The main themes of sculptures 

Nude sculptures 

The nude is an important artistic genre. From ancient times to the present day, sculptors have focused on the representation of the human body. Whether it is to study human anatomy, to reveal the beauty or the particularity of a body, to sublimate the female body or to reveal the male musculature, to deepen the study of movement, artists very often produce nude statues.

 Animal sculptures 

 Animals are also frequently reproduced in sculpture. The main subject is an animal, domestic or not. For a long time, animal sculpture was not considered to be of great value. It was with modern art in the 19th century, and later with contemporary art, that animal sculpture gained in importance and value.
Antoine-Louis Barye is one of the main modern representatives of this theme. Today, they tend towards anthropomorphism, i.e. the animals often adopt human postures and expressions. 

Pop icon sculptures 

 Pop icons are not only represented in paintings, but also in sculptures. Since the pop art movement of the 1960s, the pop spirit has been permeating art everywhere and has not lost its momentum. The sculpture of pop icons is therefore largely inspired by pop culture: it uses its codes and represents famous people who are recognisable to most people. This includes icons from Star Wars, Disney, other famous cartoons, contemporary stars, American superheroes, etc. 

Other sculpture themes 

 In history, they were very common in mythology. Today, the theme of mythology or even religion no longer really inspires artists. Instead, they have turned to the theme of fantasy, which has become a very specific genre. Fantasy takes up the codes of the fantastic genre and reproduces things that do not really exist: monsters, fantastic landscapes, not quite human beings, etc. 

Sculptures of famous people 

Sculptors have long reproduced famous people, just as we do today when representing our popular icons. Standing or mounted, these figures were often kings, emperors, lords or important figures of an era. 

At Carré d'artistes, come and discover different themes of contemporary sculptures by contemporary sculptors from all over the world such as Pappay, Sébastien Chartier, Julien Rey, Floh, and many others. 
Your next favorite may be in our online contemporary art selections and in our art galleries.

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81 Artworks
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