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For art, by art. The purpose of Carré d'artistes is to find and accompany the best contemporary artists and allow them to make a living through their art and to offer our customers unique artworks of all styles and quality. To achieve this, there are 5 people behind the scenes: Aurélie, Alix, Sonia, Octavie and Léa.

Did you know? Even if our curators are sensitive in regard to all creations, they each have their own personal touch, a specialty, a style to which they are particularly attached. Discover their profiles and their selection of firm favorites. Do not hesitate to follow the collections that appeal to you and receive all their new favorites.

Stéphanie Tosi, founder of Carré d'artistes, has a long-standing passion for artistic creation, having trained at the Beaux-Arts. Her dream has always been to create a singular art gallery, offering everyone the possibility of acquiring art in a more accessible and authentic way.

For over 22 years now, she has been living an exceptional adventure at the crossroads of the creative and the human, immersed in the art world alongside her teams. With this approach, she shares her artistic favorites of the moment, works that touch her heart, without trying to rationalize the reasons for her choices. She is convinced that art is above all a story of emotion.
Minimalism specialist
Aurélie Lecou is the artistic director of Carré d'artistes. She has a 360° open mind, an informed curiosity, a touch of creativity and a sure taste for art.

She is benevolent towards the artists, encouraging them to do their best, federating them, pushing them, sometimes, and challenging them, a lot.

She has a perfect knowledge of the work of the artists she represents. Her artistic tastes and influences are multiple and in constant evolution. She has a very open view of her surroundings, with a particular sensitivity for Minimalism.
Landscape specialist

Léa has always nurtured her curiosity and love of the different artistic fields from an early age.  

Today, it is through her relationships with artists that she thrives; listening to them, sharing, and offering them new perspectives, gives meaning to the missions she carries out every day. 

Open to all styles, she is still particularly fond of landscapes.

Street/ Pop Art specialist
Art, in all its forms, has always been an essential part of Alix's life. So when she was offered the opportunity to join Carré d'artistes as an art curator, she didn't hesitate. Being in contact with artists from all walks of life is a highly enriching experience from which she learns every day. An artist herself, she paints as a hobby.

Involved in the artistic community, she is currently setting up an association with other local artists. Her commitment and love for art enable her to provide the best support for our street and pop artists
Realism specialist

For more than 6 years now, Sonia Alberton has supported artists and organized their exhibitions in the many Carré d'Artistes galleries in France and abroad.

She is always on the lookout for new talents. The fact that she is able to share this common passion with teams and artists is a real driving force for her.

Sonia admires the ability that artists have to transcribe their emotions, their flaws, their dreams! She has a penchant for poetic figurative works, as they all sweetly tell a story and she is able to seek a presence in all of these, through her own emotions. 
Portraits and nudes specialist
Octavie is very passionate about art. However, after completing her degree in applied arts, she found herself, somewhat by chance, in the import-export business. In 2022, she was recruited as a logistics assistant, but her natural artistic talent was quickly noticed by the artistic director, who offered her a position as an art curator.

As an artist herself, she accompanies the artists with a great understanding of their needs. Having always been immersed in art, it was natural that she found her place at Carré d'artistes.

She finds her inspiration in all styles, with a special fondness for the work of bodies and portraits.

What is the role of art curators?


Our art curators accompany and take care of the artist community at Carré d'artistes. This process starts by discovering rare gems before anyone else and then we present them to you. Therefore, they travel the world of art and carefully select the talents of today and tomorrow.

Our first selection criterion?

Simply technical excellence. But most of all, our curators carefully select each artist for their original artwork and assertive style. The artworks we promote highlight a genuine proposal, which shows a sensitive look at the world... As a consequence, each artist works hand in hand with a dedicated art curator, who then takes on the role of agent for the latter. Benevolent, attentive, and sharing but also challenging are the key words for daily support.

What stimulates them?

A privileged relationship with each of them. Whether they are young or experienced, we meet generous, inspiring, and enthralling artists. We strive to support them to the best of our capacity and bring their art to life with clients around the world.


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