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Are you considering the purchase of a singular art painting?

If you are looking to purchase unique and original art, look no further than the gallery of singular art and contemporary art, Carré d'artistes.

Singular art paintings have an undeniable charm and authenticity that make them a great addition to any art collection. Singular artists create works that reflect their own personal view of the world, using often unexpected and unconventional techniques and materials.

By purchasing a singular art painting, you can bring a touch of uniqueness and originality to your home decor, while supporting art and artists who work outside the box.

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The singular art is an artistic declination which would have been created in 1978 at the time of the demonstration "the singular ones of art" organized at the museum of modern art of Paris. This movement gathers professional autodidacts who wish to deviate from the classical rules of art.
Contrary to the art brut which defines a spirit, the art singular is more complete and includes a great variety of artistic styles, such as the art of the street, the art of the constructivism, the free figuration, and the contemporary and modern creation. Singular artists are generally self-taught and have a more or less distant relationship with the circuits of art and those of established cultural expression. They are moved by an imperious need of expression and often use original techniques and means.

The term "art" itself refers to the mastery of a skill, but it also has an aesthetic meaning and refers to the field of fine arts. Contemporary singular artists have detached themselves from official art and have become a community in their own right. In short, singular art can be considered as an artistic movement that gathers self-taught artists who use techniques and means often original to express themselves and who have detached themselves from official art.



This art form is an evolution of art brut which was theorized by the painter Jean Dubuffet in 1945. According to him, this pictorial category includes marginalized and spontaneous works, those made by anarchists, prisoners and psychotics. In other words, the definition of art singuluer is that the painters do not have an artistic culture and can use all the supports and techniques available to them to express their emotions.

In reality, art brut refers only to works emancipated from the artistic constraints that define the practice of painting, in an amateur context or for therapeutic purposes for example. Singular art appears to be an evolution of art brut in the sense that some artists seduced by this style of painting have seized the concept to market their works.

The paintings of singular art often translate an emotional experience. Carré d'artistes offers you to understand this unique pictorial art with the works of Larbi Zaidi, a self-taught painter featuring disturbing characters, symbols of an insurmountable adversity that afflicts some people.


How is singular art practiced?

By definition, the paintings of singular art do not obey any structural rule which governs its practice. The painter's brush obeys his impulses and each line becomes the pure reflection of a concept, of an emotion.

It is clear that this pictorial style is similar to abstract art insofar as the spontaneity of the artist allows him to depict a very symbolic vision of his subject of expression. To see this, you only need to contemplate the works of Sylvie Colin who lets you glimpse a world quite different from what is depicted by the game of paintings and collage.
The artist can express various artistic currents by passing from Cubism to Surrealism for example. The works of Jean Dubuffet demonstrate this mixture of styles, evoking Picasso and Munch. In short, singular art is distinguished by the artistic culture of the painters. Although the painters, often self-taught, do not respect the traditional codes of pictorial art, they possess certain knowledge that allows them to mix all the possibilities offered by painting. It is thus possible for them to mix all the styles under their most raw aspect on all the supports.


Who are the artists of the singular art?

There are many artists who can be considered part of the Singular Art movement, as the movement emphasizes the individuality and singularity of each creator.

However, a few names stand out more than others. Among the most famous singular artists are Niki de Saint Phalle, Jean Dubuffet, Michel Nedjar, Judith Scott, Chomo, Adolf Wölfli, Augustin Lesage, Aloïse Corbaz, Gaston Chaissac, and many others.

These artists have all created unique and original works of art that reflect their own vision of the world, using often unexpected and unconventional techniques and materials.

Our artists in the movement of the singular art

arré d'artistes offers you a selection of paintings of singular art from the most talented contemporary artists. Far from representing an artistic sub-category, this style denotes a unique approach that other painting trends cannot offer. With Carré d'artistes, discover singular art through a selection of contemporary paintings. This unique vision of art implies an apprehension that emancipates itself from the classical pictorial framework.

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