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Beaudenon Thierry | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Beaudenon Thierry | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Beaudenon Thierry
  • France
  • Plastician

"I am a pragmatic dreamer".
Art has always been part of Thierry's life. He studied graphic art for 3 years in Paris before working freelance for ad agencies, magazines and publishers. On the side, he painted and took part in several exhibitions in the Paris area before being spotted by art galleries. There are two sides to Thierry's passion for art. On the one hand, he needs time out in a creative bubble to paint, alone with his imagination. On the other hand, he loves the social and community aspect of exhibiting his pieces and opening the doors to another world. These magical moments are his ticket to rewarding social experiences and encounters.
All it takes is an image, film or series to spark Thierry's imagination. He draws inspiration from pop culture, graphic novels, video games and cinema. A famous film poster artist actually helped inspire him to become what he is today. What matters most to him is the relationship between his signature themes and the emotion they inspire as he feels like a "spectator to his work". He has a bond with his pieces and loves their bright clashing colours. \nIn terms of technique, he uses digital tools and his illustrator skills primarily alongside salvaged items and acrylic paint. The technical challenge involved in his technique is what sparks his creativity.
  • 18 june 1969
    Paris, France

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