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10 good reasons to gift art at Christmas

- 01/12/2020
10 good reasons to gift art at christmas
Christmas. A wonderful moment with delicious meals, family gatherings and generous presents… A warm hot chocolate, some candies, rising excitement and children, who wait longingly: sound familiar? It does to us! Christmas is simply our favorite period of the year! We must admit that these moments of grace come along with a visual universe, which we love to rediscover every year. It’s nighttime earlier, the sky is dark but the streets shimmer and dazzle. In apartments like at homes, beautiful Christmas trees are decorated with colorful balls-at times passers-by are touched by what they see through the window. Christmas is a bewitching time of the year, where black and golden go well together, to showcase light. A time where we wrap ourselves in a blanket to read or watch a movie with our family, under the warm light of a lamp and during which, staying at home is the best pass time in the world. In short, an enchanted moment, yes, and this inspired a special collection.

Who do you give a gift to?

For you, we drew inspiration through elegant colors of Christmas-dark or shimmering black-to come up with three exceptional type of items. Our desire? Highlight works of our artists, as always, but this time with a dash of uniqueness for year-end celebrations! This is the reason why we designed such frame types, in limited edition, to decorate our indoors where we shall spend most of our time, this winter:
- Black Mat, which go rather well with bright works.
- Triptychs, which combine three works from the same artist and form a horizontal composition
For all artworks, a new gilded frame, ideal to highlight very colorful or graphic paintings


This art provides an atypical vision on the world, offering a work of art which is an extraordinary gift and definitely hits the target, during all situations. Why?

- Because your uncle already has seven scarves and eighteen pairs of socks and he’s tired of acting surprised!
- Because you know your best friend by heart, his/her favorite colors/themes and this landscape will definitely be appealing!
- Because our rates are accessible and allow offering a gift which is unique and comes right out of the artist’s workshop!
- Because a work of art is a declaration of love for life, which is more than welcome, given the current times.
- Because art is generous, exceptional, because it beautifies and triggers emotions; because it stirs us and doesn’t leave us indifferent.
- Because artists of our galleries come from around the globe, they bring us a change of scene and it’s mind-blowing!
- Because an empty wall is gloomy.
- Because you can be absolutely sure that your aunt wouldn’t have already received this from anyone else, and you won’t be forced to go back during an evening in January and exchange this in a store far from your place. And this is just nifty.
- Because a work of art is, without any comparison possible, is the most personal, sensitive and sincere gift, that one can give to anyone we love. Basically!

So, don’t hesitate anymore and go take a look at our collections!




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