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The 5 interior design trends for 2023

With more creativity, the 2023 decorating trends promise to be rich. We are going to see huge changes in interior design. A good harmony in the interior is based on the choice of several elements: lighting, furniture, coverings, decorative objects, style ... But what are the trends in the world of interior design for this year? 

Color will be omnipresent throughout the house: on the walls, on the decoration and on the furniture. Between styles, colors, works of art, interior design, let yourself be inspired by these few ideas to create the cocoon of your dreams in 2023.


decorating trend natural materials




Pouncing on soft colors!

If you want to have a modern room with a perfect decoration and design furniture, take into account the trend colors of 2023. Goodbye, the "very peri", queen color of 2022 and say hello to soft tones.

Among them are white, cream, gray which are the current shades. Ideal for a bedroom, they are especially appreciated for their soothing effect. By choosing them, you will certainly spend sweet nights.

Know that the warm shades also invite themselves in the trendy rooms. The nature is successfully imposed in the living room and in other rooms. You can dress up your room with burgundy red, caramel, fir green, orange, and earthy shades. 

Both soft and soothing, warm colors add character to your room. To avoid overdoing it, place them in small touches on wall decorations, cushions, pillows, sheets, rugs, a section of wall... If you are bold enough, add dark shades on a wooden floor, on all the walls or on the ceiling.



Back to the 19th century

In luxury homes, Art Deco will always be present like other decades. A combination of retro and modern, this style originated in the 1950s and reached its peak in the 1970s. Today, it makes a triumphant return to the bedroom. It is characterized by the natural materials associated with luxury that harmonizes perfectly with a warm and noble color.

If you want to have an Art Deco room, bet on the burgundy red or fir green paint. Choose wooden furniture and opt for velvet as the centerpiece of your room. If you are looking for more discretion, adopt velvet in moderation. On the other hand, a turquoise velvet cocktail chair is perfect for a stylish room. Use your imagination when decorating. Think about the furniture and the curtains.

Sparkle and home decoration!

With this style, glittering decorations are in the spotlight: gold, silver and bronze. Gold also symbolizes the Art Deco trend. Don't hesitate to choose it for pedestals, coffee tables and bedside tables. To highlight them, use a wallpaper panel with geometric patterns at the bottom.

art deco 2023 interio design trend
trend decor 2023 minimalism face sketch


As always, decorating experts recommend not to neglect the wall decoration. Note that vertical surfaces become the priority of a modern interior. They avoid visual overload by minimizing the amount of table decorations.

For the choice of paintings, the year 2023 offers interesting and original options. Famous painting technique, the figurative drawing allows to make a summary and abstract representation with concise, fine and continuous lines. 

Without any careful study of detail or color matching, it is pleasantly curved and abstract. In minimalism, many designers are adopting it for wall decor. There are several possibilities to represent this design: in poster, wall painting, wallpaper with appropriate pattern. To be at the forefront of fashion, we will vary the formats: small, medium and large paintings are combined to create a decorative fresco. 

Expert's word, some painting styles are no longer in fashion: sea views, romantic landscapes, medieval streets, pastoral landscapes... Choose graphic landscapes, tropical or Japanese motifs, large-scale flowers, wall-to-wall portraits...

decoration will rhymes with ecology

Even in interior design, ecology is a main concern. It is therefore advisable to choose sustainable furniture in the bedrooms. Think again, durability rhymes very well with comfort. 

To have a trendy bedroom, you can combine these two great principles. Choose from environmentally friendly materials: glass, stone, wood. Choose linen, natural sustainable fibers, organic or recycled cotton. Go for the total sustainable look!

Want a painting...



Works with recycled materials

A trend among trends, artworks made with recycled materials are all the rage. It's eco-friendly, it's creative and your home decor will have that "je ne sais quoi" that no one else has. Jump on recycling and upcycling!

Recycling is the reuse of materials such as scrap metal to create new items. The benefit is ecological because it conserves resources by avoiding the consumption of new materials. Thus, you can create new items from old ones. Materials that can be used include paper, glass and fabric. Upcycling, also known as 'overcycling', involves reusing waste materials to create new objects that are as useful as possible. So when it comes to upcycling, we are interested in the whole, not the material waste. The goal is to make the old functionality of the waste still recognizable. It's a familiar concept, and it's used a lot by many artists, especially those who care about the environment. Because it obviously requires a lot of imagination.

Discover the "Recycling" collection




How about turning your walls into an art gallery in 2023? This solution is suitable for the living room and other rooms. For a vibrant effect, take objects of various sizes and styles. 

This "gallery" you'll create fits a monochromatic wall with saturated, light or dark colors. Regarding the frame, decorating experts advise choosing between black patina, metal or natural wood. Apart from the images, use other elements in the collage such as: sketches, posters, herbariums, retro posters, street art reproductions...

There are no rules to follow for the placement of the pictures and paintings. You can place them in any order. According to the trend, it is preferable to hang the largest picture first. It will serve as a visual reference.

gallery art decoration trend home 2023
green wall trend 2023


In terms of decoration, the green wall is among the major green trends. The vegetation of the interior is so appreciated for the aesthetics and the design it offers. Spotlight on organic forms!

Although still criticized in landscaping and requiring expertise, vertical gardening is coming to interiors in 2023. For interior designers who are starting to take an interest in green decorating, this is a great move. If you want to create a beautiful green curtain on your wall, choose between:

  • a wall decoration comprising a decorative foam;

  • greenery in pots to be placed on the height of the wall;

  • plants that grow in special pockets.

In 2023, green plants will be considered a must-have for any room. In addition to adding color, they bring good vibes into the home while purifying the air. Their pots will also create a sublime decorative touch. Moreover, the plant wall is an excellent sound insulator. 

Having the size of a huge picture, suspended or placed on a wall, it allows to decorate a wall or to partition spaces with its different plants. For a more lively look, choose natural plants, creepers, aromatic plants... You can also opt for artificial plants.

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