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The secret of framing pictures

- 30/05/2022
You love pictures but you don’t know how to frame them? Framing pictures isn’t a well-known activity, often reserved for specialists. If you wish to find the ideal frame for your new acquisition and understand how to frame an artwork, you’ve come to the right place!

Why frame an artwork?

What is artwork framing exactly? Adding a frame to a painted artwork or a drawing increases the aesthetic value and potential of the artwork. One can’t find a better way to highlight a picture! A frame which goes well with its artwork, attracts the viewer’s eye, and helps better appreciate the artwork and favors the viewer’s eye. Therefore, one is advised to frame pictures, rather than leave the latter without frames on your walls. If you don’t have the budget to frame a picture, you should know that you can make a frame yourself, but this requires patience and precision. It’s simpler and more reliable using a framing expert! A picture framer or an art specialist who sells frames can guide you with your choices and give you precious advise.
There are several types of frames on the market. When one doesn’t know much about this field, it’s often tough to find what one likes! You can frame a picture with a classic frame, a clip frame, a shadow box, a simple frame or an elaborately ornated one. There are also a variety of colors!  

What is a picture mount for a frame?

The picture mount is an essential part of frames. It is a cardboard frame that is placed between the frame and the artwork to be framed, if the artwork is thin otherwise, below the work if it is thick. Therefore, a picture mount makes it possible to create a distance between the painting and its frame, to properly appreciate the combination. It also plays a role in protecting the artwork, to maintain it in the best of conditions, as long as possible. It is a rather decorative element, which adds value to the artwork that is presented. Drawings, serigraphs, watercolors, and pastel artworks should always have a mat for a frame. On the other hand, they are not mandatory for paintings, especially large formats. Some shadow boxes, adapt to picture mounts. 

At Carré d'artistes, all our artworks up to 36x36 cm are delivered with a picture mount. With our artworks measuring 50x50, you have the choice of adding a frame to enhance your painting and decorate your walls.

What is the difference between a classic frame and a shadow box? 

Not sure how to choose a frame for your picture? It's normal, given that there are many different models! As a general rule, you have a choice between a traditional frame, a custom frame, a shadow box, or a clip frame. At Carré d'artistes, we offer classic frames for paintings up to 36x36cm and shadow boxes for pictures of larger sizes. Why make this choice and what differentiates the two types of frames? Pictures which are smaller than 36x36cm are highlighted with a picture mount. The use of a classic frame, made up of wooden sticks, which is positioned on the picture mount, thus makes it possible to highlight the artwork. On the contrary, artworks larger than 50x50cm, created on frames, already benefit from an in-depth effect and therefore unveil all their elegance within shadow boxes (The artwork is placed above the frame and framed in a sober and classy manner.)

Discover Carré d'artistes picture frames and framing

Our selection of small format frames
Would you like to add a frame to a Carré d'artistes artwork? It's a very good idea! To help you make your choice, here is a small overview of our collection of small format frames (available in 13 x 13, 19 x 19, 25 x 25, and 36 x 36 cm).

The black simplicity frame is a good choice if you don't like big frames. It’s simple and understated style allows to hang the frame in any room. It is suitable for colored paintings and monochromes.

The white simplicity frame is suitable if you prefer simple and effective picture framing. This small matte white frame is suitable for all indoors and most pictures.

The contemporary white glossy frame has a very nice finish and a vibrant color. It is the ideal frame for modern, urban pictures, for pop pictures or for drawings.

The contemporary black glossy frame is perfect for fans of stylized, contemporary, and elegant artworks. Moreover, black is a color that easily highlights paintings..

The Elegance white frame is a very pleasant, thick matte frame, with a slight curvy shape, perfect for poetic artworks, illustrations, or figurative paintings.

The Elegance black frame has a very designer matte finish. It goes well with urban paintings, contemporary paintings, street art creations and pop paintings.

The Elegance gold frame is perfect if you like classy, feminine, or vintage atmospheres. With its touch of shine and slight patina, this golden frame beautifies your picture in a jiffy! 

The Baroque frame is a wide one, which triggers dialogue between light gold and the elegance of black. It is also adorned with baroque motifs, which will perfectly accompany an artwork in dense colors. 

Our selection of large format frames

Do you prefer shadow boxes? To highlight a picture without an imposing frame, such a frame is perfect. Here is an overview of our models of shadow boxes that are suitable for large format boards (available in 50 x 50, 80 x 80, 100 x 100, and 120 x 40).

The Timeless black matt frame is very discreet. Once the picture has been framed, one doesn’t even notice the frame! If you like simplicity, the shadow box is made for you!

If you prefer white shadow boxes, we recommend the Timeless matt white frame. It is both elegant and discreet!

The black Harmony frame is sober and elegant. It goes perfectly with a large format painting and with almost any style of painting! This large black frame immediately adds character to your artwork and your room.

The glossy white Harmony frame is as stylish as the black version. The lacquered finish is very elegant and goes well with colorful compositions, minimalist, urban paintings, or portraits, for example.

To beautify your room and your painting, choose the golden Prestance frame model! With this golden frame, your artwork will definitely catch the eye and your wall will be elaborately decorated!

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