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What gift to offer for Christmas?


It is always difficult to find the right Christmas gift, but the diversity of the offer has made it easier.

We love Christmas, we love to please, but we can't stop thinking about what gifts to give our loved ones that will be useful and that they will love. It's true that there are many options to choose from, but there are also many clichés that can confuse you and make you choose to do the minimum effort.

If, for Christmas, you want to be different and give original gifts, think about the personality of those to whom you are going to give them and you will make people happy!

So we give you some ideas for Christmas gifts so that, depending on their personality, you can choose one or the other !

Who do you give a gift to?




To make a gift, you have to know who it is addressed to. By knowing a little about their lifestyle and tastes, you can determine what may or may not be useful to them, or what they may fall in love with.

Gifts are usually given to family and friends; you are supposed to know them well enough to choose the right gift. However, your imagination may be limited by the large number of possibilities available to you.

Here, the idea is to turn to works of art such as paintings as gifts for Christmas; and there are some for different personalities.

A painting is a decorative element that is usually given as a gift or used to give personality to a room. Inexpensive for the most part, suitable for love at first sight, there are many reasons to take the plunge and get this decorative element. A blank wall is empty without a few pictures or prints to dress it up. Just as people need clothes, homes should have paintings that reflect the personality of the people who live there. Paintings tell us a little bit about each person who lives in that home. If you're considering a painting as a gift or want to know what personality it reflects in your decor, take note of these tips.


what gift to give for christmas to a traveler



Cards and paintings about travel and discovery are perfect for adventurers. If the person loves travel or far away places, you can give them a landscape painting; this choice is linked to a somewhat adventurous and daring personality. For example, you could choose the painting "Port d'Antibes" by Corbière Liisa. Every time we look at this map, a new horizon appears in front of us, a place to go or a little corner to take refuge in.

This type of painting is very trendy and perfect for a living room, an office or even the bedroom of a traveling couple.



Abstract paintings belong to someone who wants to give meaning to life. A philosopher or someone who wants to write their own story. Every picture on the wall will seem to have a meaning, it's about giving it to them. People with abstract paintings are the kind of people who talk under their breath and try to find an explanation for everything around them. A living room with this type of painting can lead to great conversations.

"Escapade" by Sala Michèle or "Abstraction" by Hévin Christian are some of the choices you will find on our site; they will be perfect in the living room of your dreamy loved ones.

what gift to give to a dreamer for christmas
what gift to give for Christmas to an animal lover



Animals, flowers and plants indicate a very natural personality. Your loved one lives surrounded by pets or the walls of his house are full of flowers, this indicates that he is very transparent and natural. He does not like artificial things, he always favors the natural and will never ask for anything he does not deserve. If the person you want to give a gift to for Christmas is fair and likes what he sees and feels, an animal painting is a good letter of introduction.

For example, choose "Tiger" by Locoge Alice or "Zen fish" by De Giorgi Mauro which are paintings that reflect a very down to earth person.

You can also give "Gannet" by Laurence Jovys to a person who likes to see things as they are, who doesn't want fantasy in his life. The best thing about this type of decoration is that it is totally tailored to a specific personality; no two paintings are alike. It is unique and realistic, with a soul.



Puzzles, wall hangings, bright colors, playful images are part of the decoration of someone who wants to break the rules or revolutionize in his own way. A painting by RALAU or a "Relax Jack" by Novarino Fabien will please the lovers of the popular culture called "pop". This type of gift is for people who espouse provocative and satirical art. Once hung on their living room wall, they will be able to express their differences through this art that goes beyond the elegant and classic. In other words, it showed that art is also a popular culture.

If you put aside your hesitations and doubts, the better your Christmas gift for a pop culture fan will be.


what gift to give for christmas to an icon

Plain frames for minimalists


Plain frames are a trend in the home of the minimalist and stylish. You don't need anything but a beautiful frame hanging on the wall to show that nothing is more important than yourself. The idea that there is nothing, but in fact everything is well placed, is a widespread decorative and personal trend. A one-color wall with nicely positioned frames is only appropriate for people with style and elegance.


It's not always easy to guess which Christmas gift to give to your loved ones. However, you just need to identify the personality of the recipients of your packages in order to give them the perfect gift. We hope that these ideas of gifts to give for Christmas according to the personality of each person will help you to choose the perfect gift for your friends and relatives.

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