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Gandolfo Cécilia | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Gandolfo Cécilia | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Gandolfo Cécilia
  • Argentina
  • Painter

Painting is like traveling to another world and coming back with its experience.
In 2004, Cécilia Gandolfo exhibited her paintings in Buenos Aires. As she chats with her friends, a butterfly lands on one of her frames. Jokingly, a friend of hers says it's a sign and that she will sell this painting. The day passes and Cecilia is about to pack up when a woman arrives. She spots the painting the butterfly has landed on and decides to buy it. This is Cécilia's first sale. Another important symbol that the artist inserts in each of his paintings: a blue coffee maker. For her, the coffee maker symbolizes those things that may seem superfluous, like culture, art or love, but which are ultimately at the heart of a life.
The world of Cecilia Gandolfo, in which humans evolve supreme, where they spread out fully with their size and grandeur of their emotions, where they reduce the real through the strength of their feelings, is a symbolic world with fantastic logic.
Light, lyrical, almost evanescent, the characters which populate Cecilia Gandolfo’s works hardly seem to set foot on earth. Choreographing action like so many dance steps susceptible to evoking emotion and feelings: passion, friendship, love or pleasure, the artist tries to make the immense, infinite and indefinable complexity of human relations, the link everyone has to otherness, visible and tangible in her compositions.
Her acrylic or watercolour paintings bring forms and solid colours face to face, superpose them and intertwine them to create a consistency in the subject but also a fluidity, the sensation of caressing a movement, the harmony of an action or a posture.

Currently this artist is only exhibited in our online gallery.

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  • 2009
    Participation in the XV Salon de Artes Plasticas
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 1998
    Illustrator for a children’s magazine
    A-Z Diez, Argentina
  • 1997
    First group exhibition at Sebastian Paina Cultural Centre
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 1974
    Rosario, Argentina
(40 Artworks)

40 Artworks

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