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Tribute to New York

20 years after the September 11 attacks, Carré d’artistes presents a selection of works, which pay tribute to New York, this extraordinary city, which continues to inspire the artists of our time. Discover the importance of New York in the artistic realm, the various representations of the city and the artists who draw inspiration from it.

New York paintings have redefined the rules of urban views painting. Painting a picture of New York has become inseparable from paintings of urban landscapes. It is impossible to miss out on the famous aerial views of New York, its legendary long boulevards, yellow taxis, the pedestrian crowds, the fiery traffic and its peculiar architecture. Do you like city view painting? Well, you definitely need a New York painting!

The current interest of such a painting is to represent an atmosphere, an ambience which is specific to the city of New York. By creating a painting in which buildings, vehicles and pedestrians are closely related, you immediately feel transported to this city and these neighborhoods, where one never sleeps.  These paintings are genuine tributes to this wonderful city, irreplaceable and the almost fantastic equals New York. One never gets bored!  
(66 Artworks)
66 Artworks

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