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De Grazia Serena | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • De Grazia Serena | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
De Grazia Serena
  • Italy
  • Painter

Art is passion and one never tires of passion.
Originally from Italy, Serena is a self-taught and passionate artist. After a career as a lawyer, she reinvents herself by becoming a mother and rediscovers her youthful passion for drawing. From her home, she finally allowed herself to change her path and live her artistic dream. With energy and fervor, she explores her style and refines her technique day and night, sometimes following the workshops of more experienced creators. For the past few years, Serena has been making her mark in the artistic world and participating in more and more events and exhibitions.
Serena defines herself as a hyperrealist artist. Using graphite and charcoal, she faithfully reproduces her environment on canvas, playing with volumes and light contrasts. Particularly inspired by animals and characters, she depicts in several collections female figures, static or in full dance. In her features, every detail of the body is finely illustrated and mastered. In her portraits, however, she never reveals the face, leaving the viewer to interpret the emotions of her models and to perceive those that are born in him. As an artist, she prefers to define herself by her subjects rather than by a particular trend or technique. With her precision and sensitivity, Serena reveals works of almost unreal realism that sublimate the world around us without ever distorting it.
  • 2012
    Starts his artistic career
    Vicenza, Italy
  • 1982
    Messine, Italy
(35 Artworks)

35 Artworks

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