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Poulat François
  • France
  • Painter

Each painting must seize a new emotion and find its owner.
Born in 1960 in Aisne, François has always had a talent for drawing. A selftaught artist, he is curious about all different techniques: charcoal, acrylic, brush, pigments, resin... He learns from his mistakes and creates a style all his own.

Everything began on his return from a trip to southern China, in Canton. Venturing into the old quarters of the city, he met traditional painters and watched how they handled ink with great dexterity. Impressed, he captured the essence and promised himself to try to do the same. Despite the encouragement of his father, the great traveller painted only for pleasure while working at the same time to earn a living and his independence. At age 40 he exhibited in the Remparts Gallery in Le Moulleau. With this experience, he decided to face the public and settled down in Cap Ferret with a structure carrying the theme of "Spirits from here and elsewhere".
Drawing his inspiration from his travels and the many meetings and settings, François enjoys many types of exercises he called his "grooves". In turn animal painter, portraitist and landscape painter, his works are full of exoticism and vitality. His figures of elephants and rhinos captivate their beauty, strength and natural intelligence. Through them, the artist wants to encourage their protection, sometimes even denouncing human cruelty.

Long installed in Cap Ferret, he loves to recreate the atmosphere of the peninsula through the seasons in his "Marines." He shapes the Arcachon basin with oil and knife, drawing lines and cutting into the material, giving them the appearance of waves or dunes. A painter-traveller, François lets us see and feel the emotion of his discoveries and his loves.
  • 2023
    BRY SUR MARNE, France
  • 2012
    Permanent exhibition at the Monbadon Gallery
    Bordeaux, France
  • 1960
    Hirson, France
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