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Herambourg Xavier | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Herambourg Xavier | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Herambourg Xavier
  • France
  • Painter

"Art is the reflection of the human soul dazzled by the splendour of beauty." Victor Hugo.\n\n
The artist was born in Burgundy with a love of design. As a boy he saw the world around him through the eyes of an aesthete. He spent long holidays in North Italy which stirred his inner artist soul. Paintings by Fantin-Latour and Canova at his aunt's house turned his world upside down. They sparked his love for art and the 18 year old enrolled at Beaune Fine Arts School to learn the basics. His career in graphic design saw him work in a form of art but he couldn't resist the call of painting. He followed his gut and said goodbye to marketing and international business to devote his life to ar
Xavier has endless admiration for the Great Masters such as Van Eyck, Caravaggio and more recently, Edward Hopper. His brushes and colours guide him to uncover a little bit of his personality in each piece he paints so he can see how his technique and art is evolving. Landmarks are another passion for this architecture enthusiast. He paints for himself and to spark emotion in the people who buy his pieces. He loves seeing their first impressions too. Then he lets his painting go, it "doesn't belong to him anymore."\n\n
  • 24 february 1963
    Mâcon, France
  • 1982
    Fine arts
    Beaune, France
  • 1981
    Art school
    Châlon sur Saône, France

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