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Alvarez Torezano Luis | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Alvarez Torezano Luis | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Alvarez Torezano Luis
  • Spain
  • Painter

My pictorial work, based on the portrait, is the result of years of evolution immersed in capturing the emotion of the gaze.
Luis Alvarez Torezano is living in Barcelona but he is from Pontedeume in the province of La Coruña, Spain. As long as he can remember, he grew up with brushes in hand. He produced his first oil painting at the age of 14. His passion for painting has never left him. Painting is his "life partner", which follows him everywhere and continuously enriches his personal life. Luis chose not to make it his trade and professionally was oriented towards architecture, which of course suited his creative personality. The artist creates poignant portraits, sometimes funny, sometimes intimate, even intimidating. He brilliantly captures the facial expressions of artists, musicians and writers and celebrates the particularity of their genius. His paintings also reflect his passion for Africa and the people, often a multitude of aesthetic and expressive figures. He chooses his models according to what they emit, artistically or visually. The painter must feel a particular connection with the person to paint his portrait.
Luis begins by selecting a photo and reproducing it in pencil, seizing every detail to bring out the best traits of the character. A resemblance obtained, Luis paints in acrylic with a special way of treating the background. Indeed, he is reluctant to paint on white, sometimes gluing his linen canvases with thin strips of wood or cotton fabric fixed upside down on a wooden frame. For him, a successful portrait must seek to replicate the soul of the person based on a minimum of physical details. He explains that to do this he uses a sort of "photographic exposure" in which white light somehow "melts" certain areas of the face. Luis honours the myriad of emotions that the human face is capable of transmitting and highlights each feature in order to share with the audience the intensity he himself felt on first seeing the model.
  • 2017
    Exhibition at the Traç d'Art gallery
    Estartit, Spain
  • 2012
    Exhibition “Momentos” at the El Siglo space
    Barcelona, Spain
  • 1982
    Degree from the School of Architecture
    Barcelona, Spain
  • 1957
    Pontedeume, Spain
(58 Artworks)

58 Artworks

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