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Anicet Olivier | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Anicet Olivier | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Anicet Olivier
For the creation of works of art, there is a state of mind that must be preserved. This condition can be compared to the state of grace.
Of Guadeloupian origin, Olivier was born in Paris. At a young age he learned creative skills such as drawing and painting. As an adolescent he loved graffiti sessions with friends and art became his mode of expression. Several elements contributed to his artistic awakening: various institutions (exhibitions, museums) and his travels in France, Europe and the Caribbean. Family obligations led him to finish his schooling at the French high School in Abidjan (Ivory Coast). He returned to France alone, at the age of 18, where he trained at the School of Modern Art in Paris. These travels back and forth between countries and cultures developed his openness to the world and creativity. A succession of meetings and events led him to become a graphic designer and illustrator for two years for Radikal magazine (Rap, Hip-hop). Following this experience, he began his career as an artist and exhibited in France and abroad. With artistic fervour, he multiplied his creative experiences, experimented with lithography and led workshops for children.
Olivier uses mainly oil paint, pastels, marouflage and collage. His travels (Europe, USA, Mexico) influence his art and his use of colours. He paints colourful cityscapes and scenes of everyday life. Several artistic movements fascinate him: Abstract Art, African Art, prints and Japanese engravings. The artist's approach is all about surprise. His paintings are a reflection of his inner self, mixing different areas of creativity, timidity, self-reflection or understanding the world around him. His creations become his strength of expression and language. Today Olivier lives in the countryside and spends time with his family. These quiet moments are conducive to his art.
  • 2015
    Exhibition at the Envie d'Art gallery
    London, United Kingdom
  • 2011
    Exhibition at the Cimaise gallery
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • 1999
    Exhibition at the Zéro gallery
    New-York, United States of America (the)
  • 1973
    Saint-Mandé, France
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142 Artworks

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