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Parisotto Alice | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Parisotto Alice | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Parisotto Alice
  • Italy
  • Painter

The real mystery of the world is what you see, not what is invisible. Oscar Wilde
In Alice's life, art has always taken center stage. During a trip to the north of her native Italy, she was introduced to the world of theater, which left a lasting impression on her. At first, she worked as an itinerant set designer, but finally enrolled at the Venice School of Fine Arts. At the edge of the lagoon, she developed her technique and fanned her passion for realistic and scenic painting. She is also fond of restoring old works and engraving. Now living in the countryside, the artist is fully dedicated to her paintings and regularly exhibits between Asolo and Venice.
In her works, Alice wishes to reveal the magic hidden behind everyday objects, sometimes frivolous, as if to decipher their secret language. With verism and meticulousness, she focuses on details and reinterprets landscape compositions and still lifes with irony and depth. Her style is close to metaphysical painting and magic realism, and she is inspired by masters of the genre such as De Chirico or Cagnaccio di San Pietro. A keen observer of color, she uses oil paint, versatile and brilliant, which she integrates with an acrylic base to obtain a chiaroscuro effect from the first draft. More than conveying a message in her paintings, Alice prefers to tell stories, to portray characters and to trace their silent dialogues. So many windows on the world, like small illustrated plays, where everyone can see a little of their own truth.
  • 2017
    Various exhibitions
    Venise, Italy
  • 2009
    First collaboration with an art studio
    Venise, Italy
  • 2008
    Registration Academy of Fine Arts
    Venise, Italy
  • 2006
    Assistant decorator
    Turin, Italy
  • 1984
    Asolo, Italy
(9 Artworks)

9 Artworks

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