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Sundblad Silvina | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Sundblad Silvina | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Sundblad Silvina
Loving what one does is an undeserved gift, for which my gratitude is infinite!
Born in Argentine in a family of European and American heritage, Silvina grew up in a fertile artistic environment that allowed her to devote herself entirely to her passion for drawing. Nurtured throughout his childhood by her desires and imagination, her practice has developed essentially instinctively. As a teenager, Silvina decides to refine her actions, acquiring technical and stylistic knowledge from talented teachers. Member of Friends of the Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, Silvina regularly exhibits his mixed media works in acrylic, pastel, pencil, charcoal or asphalt.
An exclusively figurative painter, Silvina's approach is entirely devoted to exploring the characteristics that define every human being: his sensitivity, his experience, his sensuality. Very attached to the practice of drawing, she paints each of her paintings as the association of a multitude of independent drawings, which, once assembled, form a homogeneous and coherent whole. Then, she takes the time to patiently enrich her support with an intense palette of colors, seeking to continually perfect the expression of her character. Doubly inspired by the expressive line that emanates from the works of Gustave Klimt and the color scheme orchestrated by Friedrich Hundertwasser, the practice of Silvina, in the manner of Gepetto, tends towards the impossible. Realization of a dream, that of giving life to one's subjects.
  • 2018
    Exhibition at the Taller +Arte gallery
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2017
    Exhibition at the Art Studio gallery
    Tigre, Argentina
  • 2013
    Exhibition at the Buenos Aires Museum of Fine Arts
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 1956
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
(54 Artworks)

54 Artworks

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