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Solveiga | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Solveiga | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Our life is a journey… Travel is our life. Painting has always been a source of joy, happiness and well-being for me.
Solveiga is an artist of Latvian origin, but has lived in France for 16 years. A graduate stylist from the School of Applied Arts in Riga, she obtained a Master of Arts at the National School of Fine Arts in Helsinki (Finland) before training as a designer at the French Institute of Fashion 1997. In 2008 she took painting classes at the School of Fine Arts in Paris, and exhibited often in the Paris region, not far from where she lives. Solveiga, faithful to her past as a fashion illustrator, paints everything she finds beautiful and harmonious. Everything that makes her heart beat. Her biggest challenge is to be able to communicate these emotions. It would seem that the popularity of her works is genuine: her paintings are now part of many private collections both in Europe, Australia and the United States.
La sensibilité pour la couleur et la lumière tient une grande place dans son œuvre picturale. Raconter, exprimer, et partager la beauté première du monde, un monde devant lequel elle reste toujours émue et admirative tient une grande place dans sa vie. Les Fauves et les Impressionnistes que ce soit Dufy, Monet, Matisse, Chagal, et plus tard Berthe Morisot ont inspiré ses premiers pas. Suggestives, semi-figuratives ou semi-abstraites, ses peintures à l'acrylique proposent un niveau de détail qui laisse une grande place à l'imaginaire et au rêve. Les sujets sur lesquels elle revient régulièrement sont les émotions et impressions vécues, collectées pendant ses nombreux voyages : en Asie, aux Etats-Unis et ailleurs dans le monde. Des notes forcément gaies, positives, intimistes.
  • 2023
    Participation in the Circle of Parisian Artists
    Vincennes, France
  • 2021
    Participation in the Autumn Art Fair
    Paris, Belgium
  • 2019
    Funaoka Canvas Award
    Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France
  • 2012
    Exhibition at Rêve à part Gallery
    Riga, France
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212 Artworks

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