In the studio of David Drioton, plastician

Welcome to the vibrant Pop art world of David Drioton, a complete and radiant artist. Inspired by the layering of torn advertising posters in the Paris subways, he glues, maroons and paints dazzling patchworks in his studio in the heart of Provence.

"I left everything at 50. I had a reliable situation I was an executive in a company, but I was as unhappy as the stones.
I quit everything to become an artist and I have no regrets."

"In my paintings, all my characters are drawn and painted, I do not use any print or other faster technique.
My artworks are 100% handmade. It can take a very long time to make a painting, but who cares, for me the important thing is to feel that the finished artwork comes only from my hard work."

    "I love working in my studio, where the light is ideal...
    I am lucky to have 4 meters of ceiling height, it is a space where I feel very free and inspired."

    "I'm a powerhouse for each other. I am an energetic person, who likes to give a breath of fresh air to others and carry the projects
    of my loved ones, allowing them to flourish."
    Unique art for...

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