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Bessé Laurelle | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Bessé Laurelle | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Bessé Laurelle
Born in Paris, Laurelle grew up in Touraine where she took her first steps as an artist. At the age of 5, she joined a workshop of artistic awakening. After studying architecture at the Beaux-Arts de Tours, she manages a design office and then works as an interior designer for luxury yachts. In 2010, Laurelle decided to devote herself solely to painting and sculpture, and the numerous awards she received for her work encouraged her to continue her artistic path. She has the pleasure to see her paintings travel in France and abroad.
Laurelle sees life in colors! Moreover, it is with them that her work takes shape. Like a game, she has fun trying to tame the colors she chooses for her canvas. Most often, it is the oil paint and the knife that accompany her and the colors make her artist's soul vibrate. Her canvas then becomes an imaginary space where it is good to dream in order to slow down a little, to take the time of the contemplation. Sometimes, it reminds us of a childhood memory or a dream that comes to life. Then it comes to us the desire to dive into this colored work to escape in this peaceful and timeless bubble...
  • 2021
    Carré de Dames" exhibition
    , France
  • 2015
    Biennial of contemporary art Mobil'Art
    LIE, Belgium
  • 2015
    Gold medal at the art show
    Château la Vallière, France
  • 2013
    Guest of honor exhibition of independent artists of Lower Normandy
    FALL, France
  • 2008
    Salon des Artistes Français - Grand Palais
    Paris, France
(61 Artworks)

61 Artworks

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