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20 years already!

This September 2021 is very special for us… It marks our twentieth anniversary! It has already been 20 years that we have been devoting ourselves with ever more passion to protect contemporary art and its artists. It has been twenty years that we’ve been opening up creation paths and finding young talents and secret painters, so that you can discover them. 20 years finally, that we are increasingly present in France and abroad. The demand keeps increasing in terms of art and beauty. Art is on a roll, more than ever. 

It goes without saying, we need to celebrate this! This is why, instead of a big cake made up of paint brushes and tubes, we have rustled up a one-of-a-kind collection. A birthday collection, which brings together all our artists. You may have already acknowledged their bold, subtle, and revitalizing work-or on the contrary, which were able to stand firm with ephemeral modes and maintain a solid idea of where they wanted to take us…

To them, above all, but also to you, dear art-loving public, we wish to say thank you. Let the party begin!

(116 Artworks)
116 Artworks
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