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Exclusive Christmas collection

Christmas. A wonderful moment, delicious meals, family gatherings and generous gifts…A delectable hot chocolate, some candies, excitement rising and children who can hardly wait: sound familiar? It does to us. Christmas is simply our favorite period of the year! Christmas is this bewitching moment of the year, where black and golden combine to showcase light. In short, a magical moment, yes indeed, which inspired our exceptional collection. Exclusive artworks to surprise and, above all, to be surprised...

Black mats to bring elegance, contrast, and depth to the painting not to mention, a new-found energy due to the colors which become even more powerful
Triptychs which bring together three works of the same artist and turn into a horizontal composition. A beautiful way of telling stories…
- For all artworks, a new gilded frame, ideal to highlight very colorful or graphic paintings


    (51 Artworks)
    51 Artworks

    Unique art for...

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