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Green artworks for a more natural decoration

Ahhh Nature... how can you live without it? That's why we offer you a collection of the most rural, all adorned with green so that your decoration allows you to take a breath of fresh air, even if you stay indoors. Yes, yes, it's possible! Discover our works of art for a natural atmosphere at home:


A canvas illustrating nature is a welcome aesthetic solution for interior decoration. If you appreciate natural settings with multiple shades of green for their zen spirit, then the works proposed in this collection could well seduce you.
natural deco green

A decoration with natural tones adapted to each room

In a bathroom, a living room, a bedroom or the toilet: a wall painting evoking the natural creates a soft atmosphere and invites to relaxation. You can thus compose an original and innovative decoration while sublimating your room. This aesthetic touch brings a real decorative plus and will surprise many. In order to change the usual wallpapers or classic wall paintings, a portrait or a nature decor is more than ever in fashion. That's why we offer you paintings and pictures from all trends such as abstract, figurative, pop art or surrealism. Acrylic, watercolor or oil paint: choose your favorite models from hundreds of canvases.

For a natural decoration to the end, don't hesitate to create a harmony by marrying your painting with decorative objects in raw or light wood, dried flowers or glass jars.

And why not consider a plant wall? Indeed, what is more natural than plants? If you don't have enough space or if this project doesn't suit you, you can always match your wall decoration with pretty potted plants, dressed in charming planters.

A multitude of deco styles to create

Whether it is a mountain, seaside or tropical atmosphere, our collection of artworks will allow you to realize your dream decoration! Those who are fond of contemporary art or figurative style can then marry their furniture with a model of their taste. It can be interesting to play with shades for a stylish decoration. Olive, almond, apple, bottle, lemon, wormwood, khaki and many colors vary the hues and shades. By evoking fullness with its notes of freshness, the cold color of this natural decoration is perfectly suited to rooms with little light. By bringing a touch of cheerfulness, the color green combines perfectly with neutral tones or warm colors such as red and blue.

Are you looking for paintings for your walls and appreciate art in all its forms? Let yourself be tempted by our works from various horizons. Forests and green landscapes rub shoulders with portraits and still lifes. For all styles and desires, these natural decorations bring a pleasant touch to a room. To relax, bask and meditate, a painting where the color green predominates brings serenity. Synonymous with fullness and calm, the return to natural aesthetics is very trendy.

Have you got a decorating idea that makes your home exceptional? Share the photos with us on our social networks!

Carré d’artistes goes green

A trend that is far from ephemeral

From the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau who celebrated the virtues of nature, to the painters Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot and John Constable, who depicted lush landscapes, green is loaded with symbolism. Once a color associated with evil, it has gained a place in painting. American painter James McNeil Whistler made it his favorite hue in the XIXᵉ century and the iconic Van Gogh declined it in his painting The Night Café.

In the age of ecology and concern for the preservation of the environment, green remains more than ever the color that conveys soothing and beneficent values.


Canvas and models for all tastes

Because we are concerned about sharing our paintings with the greatest number of people and not reserving art for elites, several models are accessible for all budgets.

Thus, in order to democratize the world of painting and make it accessible to the greatest number of people, Carré d'artistes offers you its selection of artists and works. Coming from various horizons, the paintings we propose are created by artists with an original and innovative style. Among our art galleries, a collection of paintings with natural decoration remains ideal in terms of interior design.

If you want to adopt a wall decoration for a particular room, canvases with suitable dimensions offer a wide choice. From 13 × 13 to 120 × 40 cm, a wide collection of paintings and portraits is available.
(100 Artworks)
100 Artworks

Unique art for...

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