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Playmobil XXL / Artworks

From the very famous German toy brand created in 1974, the giant Playmobil is a unique and original work of art.
Created in collaboration with contemporary artists and offered only by Carré d'artistes, this collection presents perfect decorative objects for art lovers, both confirmed and neophyte.
To put on a piece of furniture or other, this superb Playmobil will bring with style and elegance a nice Pop Art touch to your interior decoration...

Playmobil: between art and childhood

Modern and striking, Playmobil XXL are inspired by play and childhood to offer you a range of acidic and definitely pop works! Far from the clichés of the very closed art market, Carré d'artistes offers various art galleries throughout the world to find your favourite work, and maybe even start a collection little by little... Our credo? To offer original works with an assertive style at accessible prices, for every curious person and amateur.
What could be more normal then to find creations inspired by our childhood. This Playmobil, brought up to date in a new and artistic way, will give you a breath of fresh air while stimulating your nostalgia.
(Beware, however, that this is a work of art and not a toy!)

Unique and fantastic

Each giant Playmobil model is completely unique and comes straight from the studio of talented artists.
Created using mixed techniques of collage and paint, each product is a completely unique model, straight from the artist's imagination. These customizations are handmade, signed and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.
It is no longer an object, but a truly exceptional creation!
The little extra: some artists work to order. You can therefore order a work of similar inspiration and personalise it as you wish for even more originality!
(2 Artworks)
2 Artworks

Unique art for...

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