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Dare the urban decoration with original street art skateboards


Carré d'artistes offers you decorative skateboards.

These are skateboards illustrated by contemporary artists in a street art and pop art style.
Our boards are 70 to 80 cm long and 20 cm wide.
With the decorative skateboards, artists take a cult material dedicated to sport and convert it into an art object. The skateboard is a mythical object, popular. The skateboard is naturally associated with the artistic trend of street art since it is a sport practiced in the city almost exclusively. It evokes freedom of movement and thought.
To illustrate skateboards, artists have favored techniques, colors and patterns that they usually use on walls or objects more conventional than canvas. The painters prefer spray cans, bright colors, tags, stencils to cover the boards.
We find the favorite themes of street art :
  • cinema
  • comics
  • television
  • series

Thus, popular heroes from the pop culture are present on skateboards: Batman, Spiderman, Mickey, Betty Boop, Snoopy, Marilyn Monroe, Star Wars,...
Other skateboards are illustrated by themes evoking tattoos: anchors, flowers, vanities or sugar skulls, these skulls inspired by the Mexican death festival. The motifs are very colorful and all highlighted with a black line that gives them relief.


Why get a skateboard?

By buying a street art skateboard, you own a unique piece of art and you acquire a unique product that only you own.

If you appreciate street art, if you are passionate about art, board sports and urban sports, the decorative skateboard will naturally take its place in your apartment or your house. Teenagers are already very fond of it.
You can simply fix it to the wall, put it on the floor against a wall or on a piece of furniture to be highlighted.

By purchasing one of our decorative skateboards, you will own an original work of art, our art objects are unique.
(4 Artworks)
4 Artworks

Unique art for...

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