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Tribute to Amedeo Modigliani

Have you always been captivated by the artworks of Amadeo Modigliani? Are you fascinated by the works of the Italian painter "Modi"? You are not alone! The Italian artist and his masterpieces have influenced many of his peers, whom we present to you in our collection inspired by Modigliani's artworks. Don't settle for a pale reproduction of the master and buy a painting by one of his worthy heirs! Which one will be your favourite?


modigliani reproduction copy poster

During his lifetime, Modigliani developed a unique style for his time. His most beautiful paintings consist mainly of female nudes and portraits. The Italian painter also discovered a passion for sculpture. In this collection, Carré d'artistes highlights contemporary artists whose works are inspired by the portraits of the Italian painter.

Why not opt for a Modigliani-style wall decoration?

If you like Modigliani's painting so much, we have something to please you and embellish your home! Choose from a wide range of paintings inspired by his works of art, including his famous portraits.

better than a reproduction, a copy or a poster of an artwork by modigliani


It's tempting to go for a copy of a Modigliani painting to decorate your home with a touch of modern art and we understand! We would all like to have an original in our home, but unfortunately our wallet does not allow it! Moreover, we are convinced that the original works of Modigliani have their place in a national museum or a foundation so that the greatest number of people can admire them directly. 

Choose an original painting and not a bland reproduction of Modigliani

No matter how talented the copyist and how beautiful the reproduction, the passion and intention that the painter put into his painting will not be reflected in a painting sold in hundreds or even thousands of copies. Don't you want a totally original work of art and an interior that is unlike any other?

Forget about shiny posters, mass-produced prints and soulless oil paintings and buy a unique painting. Invest in a unique painting by one of our Modigliani-influenced artists, who has put his heart into his work and whose artistic flame will light up your home. What if your choice was a future painting classic?

amadeo modigliani: a source of inspiration

Modigliani was an Italian painter and sculptor born in Livorno in 1884. Born into a Jewish bourgeois family, he developed a passion for drawing from an early age. By the age of 13, the budding painter was practising every day. Towards the end of his adolescence, he joined drawing academies from Florence to Venice to perfect his art.

He soon learned from friends that Paris was the capital of contemporary art. In 1906, when he was only 22 years old, he decided to leave Italy for the French capital. He was not the only artist to travel to Paris in search of inspiration and fame. Artists arrived from several European countries, including Germany and Poland. These artists contributed to the artistic reputation of Paris in the same way as Negro art and Byzantine mosaics were distinguished by the sobriety of their lines and rigorous composition.

Modigliani's paintings are distinguished by his love for the nude and the human figure. You can see in his paintings the stretching of the bodies and the strong line. Specialists attribute this way of painting to his practice of sculpture.

Our collection inspired by Modigliani's paintings

Despite his short life, he inspired many artists with his unique style. His best works are undoubtedly nudes. Indeed, these are the first portraits he made. In this collection, Carré d'artistes selects for you the works of contemporary artists inspired by Modigliani's painting work.

We are familiar with the painter's female nudes, which do not stage their models in the way that classicism does. The paintings emphasise the luminous skin of the models. Modigliani's female nudes are presented with a natural air. The kind of detail that inspired the young artists.

Besides nude models, Modigliani mainly painted portraits. You can see this trend in our collection. The female portraits are characterised by quick outlines. The backgrounds are disconcertingly simple. The portrait of his companion Jeanne Hébuterne is considered one of the artist's most remarkable paintings.

He also developed a sincere friendship with the painter Soutine, of whom he painted many portraits. Some artists are still inspired by these works for male portraits today.

Carré d'artistes or the gallery that democratizes contemporary art

Carré d'artistes is an art gallery specialized in contemporary art. We have a vast network of galleries in France and throughout the world. Illustration, sculpture, painting, you can find all the emerging artists of contemporary art. We collaborate with no less than 600 artists throughout the world and we ensure their visibility.

Are you an art lover looking for art to decorate your home? You can find paintings by artists in our online art gallery. Moreover, it is possible to come to one of our galleries for an exhibition or a vernissage. At Carré d'artistes, you are sure to find the painting that suits your taste. Indeed, the gallery offers a wide range of contemporary artworks!

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31 Artworks

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