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Women artists in the limelight!

A collection by women, for Women's month

Created by Stéphanie Tosi, the Carrés d'artistes galleries possess female success within their DNA. More than ever during this month of March 2022, we want to advocate our commitment to the many women artists, who are talented. This is why we have put together a collection, highlighting several of our brilliant painters and sculptors... 

Women artists are filled with surprises! A proof of this through the delicate watercolors of the Spanish artist, Rovira Gustems Marta, who gracefully immortalizes everyday scenes, where children read quietly on the bed or are focused on their mud pies. Irresistible, especially if you are looking to decorate a room with a cozy atmosphere, such as a bedroom or an office!

More abstract but just as enthralling, Sablyne's work inscribes feminine figures on assemblies of colorful shapes... In terms of glamor, the artist Rosângela appeals through her paintings of famous and inspiring women, such as Audrey Hepburn or Frida Kahlo! Perhaps a gift for your grown up daughter?

Fond of the street art style, go check out Gil KD, who handles spray cans with dexterity and sensuality! This artist’s black and white portraits blend in with colorful backgrounds, filled with panache.

For those who love landscapes, they can turn to Véronique Paquereau, whose paintings border on abstraction and are filled with an almost divine light... In short, you’ll have a major choice with our women artists!
(77 Artworks)
77 Artworks
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