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Farren David | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Farren David | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Farren David
  • France
  • Painter

The whole world is beautiful, art is in the fact of seeing. (Camille Pissarro)
An English artist from Wiltshire, David Farren grew up with painting and drawing in his blood. Trained at the Bristol School of Art, he has now been practicing for over twenty years. It was after a trip to New York in 2001 that he shaped his style in a series of cityscapes that made a lasting impression on audiences in the UK and launched his career. In 2015, he moved with his family to the south of France but does not fail to exhibit all over the world. In addition to his numerous creations, he is also known for his publications in the specialized press.
The artist is passionate about urban environments. Above all, he wishes to capture the essence of urban life. He likes to depict a snapshot of a place with its architecture, its cars, its bicycles and its passers-by, each one of them doing their own thing. It is with a harmony of light and color nuances on several layers that he reflects the emotions and the atmosphere of the season or the time he illustrates. Paradoxically, he likes to produce outdoors, and his best workshop is his garden studio. He also regularly travels the streets of major cities to immerse himself in the city, take photos and make preparatory sketches. David uses mainly oil paint, acrylic and gouache for his paintings and is inspired by the great names of impressionism such as Pissarro, Sisley, Monet and Edward Hopper.
  • 2020
    Featured Paint and Draw acrylics
    On line, United Kingdom
  • 2019
    Price of the painters
    Boulazac Isle Manoire, France
  • 2003
    Exhibition at the Art lounge
    Lytham St Annes, United Kingdom
  • 1999
    Diploma of Fine Arts
    Bristol, United Kingdom
  • 1972
    Chippenham, United Kingdom
(3 Artworks)

3 Artworks

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