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Costa Sophie | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Costa Sophie | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Costa Sophie
Somewhere between singular art and new pop art, I try to give texture to what you see, recycle and breathe new life into an everyday object with energy, colour and positivity!
Sophie painted and drew throughout her youth. In both middle and high school, she had a passion for perfumes and wanted to become a professional "nose". At the time, by practicing every day, she could recognize more than 300 fragrances. Not able to continue in this direction, she studied biochemistry and later entered the world of cosmetics. During her studies, creating lipsticks, powders and other cosmetics was her passion. After working for ten years in this field, Sophie began to question her choices and identified what would really make her happy: painting, decorating and cooking. Thus was born a project offering a range of graphic, figurative and abstract paintings for children's rooms and kitchens. Gradually, the decorative aspect gave way to a real artistic approach. Since 2010, she has focused on creating abstract paintings.
With a natural pencil stroke, and her instinctive knowledge of colours, the artist Sophie COSTA learned her artistic techniques merely by painting much of the time. Sophie COSTA is inspired by action painting, pop art and new realists in her upcycling work. Her art involves recycling and breathing new life into cardboard, magazines, torn-up posters, crushed cans, records etc. Striking and instinctive colours, handwritten graphic writing, diverse textures printed on her canvas like a fingerprint, an energetic and lively materiality. Sophie COSTA collects and organises multiple elements to leave a mark, a testimonial, like an allusion.
  • 2019
    Affordable Art Fair & French Festival Hong Kong (HK)
    Hong Kong, China
  • 2013
    Dunod Editons in Malakoff, France
  • 2012
    First collaboration with Carré d'artistes
    Carré d’artistes, France
  • 2006
    Became a professional plastic artist
    Lyon, France
  • 1967
    Lyon, France
(279 Artworks)

279 Artworks

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