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From 350€ to 950€ sculptures

Buy a sculpture from 350€ - 950€ Carré d'artistes

Sculpture from 350€-950€ for sale:

Contemporary sculpture holds an important place on the international art market. Since the 1960s, the craze among collectors has only increased. On Carré d'Artistes, we offer you a selection of unique sculptures created by passionate artists.

Contemporary sculpture: an ebullition of ideas, colours and materials

You will quickly notice it while browsing among the pieces put forward: our sculptors are faithful to the spirit of contemporary art. Diverted objects, flashy colours, fun or subversive messages, improbable supports... our artists play with codes and divert the material! You will find sculptures made of classic and noble materials (clay, wax, bronze...), but also daring attempts that divert objects and materials to give life to surprising works.

Here, aluminium rubs shoulders with plastic, clay is combined with recycled elements, and the whole offers a fresh and intelligent reading of the world around us. Faithful to the roots of their art, our sculptors practice their craft in the continuity of pioneers such as Warhol or Basquiat. Whether you want to acquire one of these pieces to enrich your collection or simply to display it at home, you can be sure that the mischievous energy conveyed by our sculptures will inspire you daily.

On Carré d'Artistes, sculptures from all over the world

Our online gallery reflects the current era: it is cosmopolitan and open to the world. While browsing the pages, you will discover artists from all over the world. Have fun observing and comparing works from France, Spain, Peru, Denmark... Try to feel the inspirations and influences of each country, or try to guess how the context of globalisation has given rise to astonishing creative processes inspired by different cultures.

All the artists we feature are passionate about sculpture and practice, among other things, street art, pop art and recycling. Each piece is unique and you will receive a certificate of authenticity with your order. You can choose between 3 formats (small, medium or large). The price range is between 350 € and 950 €.

Dive with us into the fascinating world of contemporary sculpture. Treat yourself to a work of art carefully crafted by an enthusiastic sculptor who will share with you his journey through the art world.
(4 Artworks)
4 Artworks
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