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Found objects sculptures

Carré d'artistes presents a wide selection of sculptures from repurposed objects. The art of repurposed objects consists of using various objects found or recovered and combining them to give them another value in use. Instead of retaining a functionality, a utility, a practical dimension, the object then becomes part of a work of art in its own right.

Sculptures from repurposed objects

The visual artist and sculptor Gilbert Legrand enjoys repurposing objects. He brings them to life by taking them out of their original context and offering them a purpose other than the simple fact of being used or having a function. The object in itself no longer has to be used for something, it becomes aesthetic and participates in the beauty of a work. The artist collects recycled everyday objects and transforms them by giving them a dimension that is at once humorous, poetic and offbeat. We no longer look at the object in the same way. It takes on a human aspect and brings complicity. Sculptures from repurposed objects underline a real modern reflection to the perspective and the artistic approach , but with a playful touch. This derision is a counterbalance to the sometimes austere restrictions of museums. Associating natural objects with objects of different materials also plays to the ephemeral side of art. Metal, iron, wood, the materials that make up these objects sometimes undergo a form of erosion due to passing time. The work evolves and changes, following the movement of temporality. Pablo Picasso, for instance, produced a sculpture by assembling several objects in 1942 with the work "Bull's head". The painter and sculptor put together the saddle and handlebar of a bicycle to represent the bull which enters the arena.

Democratisation of art

Disappointed by the fixed aspect of art, Jean Tinguely started to create mobile sculptures from objects collected in the streets. His very first works, at the beginning of the 1950s, were deeply inspired by the artists Kasimir Malevich and Jean Arp. Jean Tinguely composed abstract sculptures that gradually start to move with the help of motors hidden inside. He became captivated by self-destructing machines. The sculptor Jean Tinguely criticised the artistic approach in the manner of Marcel Duchamp. The latter wanted to question the positioning and sanctification of artworks by offering “ready-mades”. Marcel Duchamp was also the very first to have been recognised as the initiator of movement in sculptural art. These artists seek to question the sacred cult of the artist and the sanctification of works of art in museum institutions. The art of repurposed objects is thus democratised and mechanised at the same time. At Carré d'artistes, discover sculptures made of repurposed objects by contemporary artists: Pappay, Daco, Zoro ...
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112 Artworks
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