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Carré d'artistes presents you a large selection of street art sculptures.
The street art sculpture is an urban art that has grown in the heart of a vast artistic movement. This mode of expression evolved and took a more and more major place towards the end of the 20th century.
Sculptors use all forms of art and claim it as their own in the public space.
Street art sculptors explore various art forms such as portrait casting or unusual installations.

How to buy a street art sculpture online?

Buy street art at Carré d'artistes? Nothing could be easier! 
Buying art online has become very popular because of the accessibility and the affordable prices of Carré d'artistes!

What are the advantages? 

If you are looking for ways to buy sculptures online, you have come to the right place.
On our website, browse through our long list of painters and sculptors to find your favourite. Thanks to our website, you have the opportunity to buy works by international artists. 

A particular desire? A style, a theme, a technique? You choose from our various categories, one click and you will receive your favourite at home or in an art gallery. 

Street art sculptors question our daily life 

Isaac Cordal is part of the same movement as Slinkachu or Pablo Delgado. These artists specialise in miniature street art.

These works of reduced volume invite curiosity and humour. They are mini cement figures placed in unexpected places. The viewer's gaze is captured in his or her daily life by a gutter or a sewer grate.
The miniature street-art sculptures transform an entire city into a vast playground. These characters confuse and open up the fields of possibility of the imagination.

The street-art sculpture practiced by Gregos pays homage to sculpture and moulding. In each city he visits, he leaves his trademark: the casting of his own face in a meaningful expression. The viewer can start collecting Gregos' different moods. Each one has a strong colour. There are now more than 1,000 of his portraits all over France and Europe.

Re-enchanting the everyday 

Urban Solid is a collective of Italian artists. They install sculptures and urban installations all over Europe. Their creations are made of moulds of unexpected objects. The artists are strongly inspired by the hassles of contemporary society. Each urban sculpture reflects contemporary reality in a provocative and humorous way. These works invite complicity and curiosity.

According to Christiaan Nagel, street art should re-enchant cities. It takes over the roofs, facades of houses, balconies and streets of all the capitals of Europe. He repopulates the public space with mushrooms coloured by hallucinogenic lights. The artist makes these works in polyurethane. These 'undergrowth' sculptures come in various sizes. 

Mark Jenkins is known worldwide for his urban creations in atypical volumes. These figures can be found in the streets and alleys of capital cities around the world. The bodies of the life-size figures are visible but their faces are hidden. These situations often provoke a feeling of unease. Passers-by are challenged and called for help.
The artist wraps real people in plastic film with adhesive tape. He then removes the chrysalis and reconstitutes it again without anyone inside. He dresses them and gives them accessories that make these sculptures ultra-realistic. These urban works have a very strong presence and emotion.

Buy street art sculpture 

At Carré d'artistes, discover a selection of street art sculptures by contemporary artists such as Pappay who is inspired by architecture and graphics and recreates a world apart where man is one with his environment or Franck Lamboley or Daco.

Come and discover our street art works such as street art paintings on our website and in our art galleries! Carré d'artistes is the largest community of art lovers in Europe! 

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109 Artworks
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