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Raku art sculptures fascinate with their mystic aura and unique aesthetic. In the world of contemporary art, these artistic pieces are gaining increasing interest, captivating art lovers worldwide. Carré d'artistes invites you to discover these unique artistic treasures and delve into the dazzling world of contemporary raku sculptures. 

Carré d’artistes offers for sale raku sculptures of animals, captivating art lovers with the beauty and poetry of these unique ceramic creations.
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Sculpture en raku, Figurative - animals : L'Éléphant sculpté par Roche Clarisse, sculptrice française


The Art of Raku

The art of raku sculpture involves a technique of firing ancestral clay derived from traditional Asian culture. Raku firing is a Japanese firing technique that imparts unique beauty and texture to raku ceramics.

This method of working with materials originated in Japan and Korea and is associated with the tea ceremony. It was in the late 1960s that Western ceramic artisans deepened their knowledge of the rich techniques of ceramic firing, including raku.


The Technique of Raku

Raku is by definition a firing technique used by potters in Japan. This art of raku is a ritual known for centuries. This craftwork is also closely related to the philosophical approach of Zen. In the past, artisans traditionally glazed and fired their vessels before being able to use them together to enjoy tea. Nowadays, this ceramic technique is primarily chosen to create pottery pieces ranging from small bowls to abstract sculptures, as well as complex forms of vases or basins. The pottery artisan can give free rein to their imagination.


Creating Raku Pottery

There are six main steps to create a raku artwork. Initially, the artist creates their object using a potter's wheel. They shape their forms. To ensure that the material is resistant to impacts and thermal variations, the potter can add sand or grog, which is fired and crushed clay. The clay object must dry over time, which can take several days or even weeks, depending on the size and weight of the sculpted piece. The pottery artist then performs the first firing of their artwork. Air drying alone doesn't remove all the moisture from the clay.

The first raku firing or biscuit firing truly dries the clay piece. For any biscuit firing and raku sculpture, the temperature gradient must be gentle to avoid shocking the material (between 800°C and 850°C). Once the artwork is fired or biscuit-fired, the pottery artisan can begin the glazing process. The entire object is coated either by uniform dipping or precise brushwork. This step requires one or several layers of glaze. The base glaze for raku is composed of materials used in classical ceramics such as red lead, white lead, kaolin, silica, borax, and the glazes can also be colored. Raku glaze starts to melt between 820°C and 980°C.

Each type of glaze has its own characteristic as well as its specific firing temperature. The firing time can range from 1 to 2 hours. Once the glaze reaches the desired temperature, the artisan places the raku sculpture in the kiln between 800°C and 900°C. Using large metal tongs, the clay pieces are then smoked in straw inside a closed container. The type of fuel used, whether it is coarse or fine, fresh or dry, or moist, can have an impact on the final result. The artisan finishes by meticulously cleaning the smoked raku sculpture and removing any particles and carbon deposits. At Carré d'artistes, discover contemporary raku sculptures by artists.


Contemporary Raku Sculptures: A Dialogue between Heritage and Innovation

Contemporary raku is the bold and captivating artistic expression of a ceramist who masters the ancestral techniques of Japanese raku to create unique works of art. Raku sculptures, especially those depicting feminine beauty, come to life through this magical fusion of raku firing and contemporary creativity.

 Each piece is the result of meticulous processes, where the ceramist plays with fire, chance, and expertise to give birth to contemporary raku sculptures that evoke deep emotions. Raku firing, characterized by temperature variations and smoke effects, offers a striking blend of textures and colors, giving each raku statue a unique personality.  

In this spirit, ceramists exploring contemporary raku push the boundaries of artistic expression, creating works that defy conventions and captivate the gaze. Contemporary raku is more than just a firing technique; it is a visual language that transcends time and creates a connection between the past and the present.


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