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Different sculpture styles vary depending on the sculptor. Today, we witness a multitude of styles ranging from the classical to the most modern, such as street art style sculptures, pop art style sculptures, and modern sculpture styles. Marcel Duchamp and Brancusi are the pioneers who have left an indelible mark in their own ways.

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Sculpture by style, "Bombe smile", by Salvan Pauline

Sculpture Styles Throughout History

Sculpture by Brancusi

There is no doubt that Brancusi is the inventor of modern sculpture and the initiator of reduction to achieve pure artistic form. He follows the logic of the primordial spirit and the fundamental principles of form. This sculptor eliminates casual, ephemeral, and contingent aspects.

Sculpture by Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp is the founder of "ready-made" art. The concept refers to a found object considered as "art" due to its aesthetic character. Duchamp and Brancusi have given birth to the majority of modern artistic practices such as assemblage, non-figurative art, in-situ art, installation art, Concept Gaudi, Concept Hundertwasser, Concept Botarro, and more.

Choosing a Sculpture Style at Carré d'artistes

Although Carré d'artistes was initially born from painting and its universe, today we exhibit sculptures from sculptor artists around the world. They draw inspiration from various materials such as wood, ceramics, metal, bronze, and more. These different sculpture styles have something to satisfy and delight all contemporary art enthusiasts. This approach is also in line with our commitment to opening art to the general public. At Carré d'artistes, styles range from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Artists to Follow

The initiative was also motivated by the requests of new artists wanting to join the galleries. Carré d'artistes has offered them an opportunity to stand out and exhibit their styles in major international cities. Several artists are worth following closely. Be inspired by the sought-after and incomparable styles of our artists!

Different Sculpture Styles: Exploring Artistic Expressions

Our selection of sculptures encompasses a wealth of artwork, exploring various representations of the human body and innovative artistic concepts. Among these styles, Art Nouveau stands out with its elegance and organic lines, merging nature and human beauty in enchanting creations.

Contemporary sculpture, on the other hand, pushes the boundaries of tradition, experimenting with unconventional materials and forms to express contemporary ideas and emotions. Conceptual art introduces intellectual and abstract concepts, often using everyday objects in intriguing sculptural installations.

Among the talented sculptors at Carré d'artistes, we have Maia Angelina, who captures the essence of the human form with striking precision, and ZED, who explores the fusion of matter and light in their contemporary sculptural creations. These artists and many others continue to enrich the world of sculpture, offering unique and captivating interpretations of different artistic styles.

Pop Art Style Sculpture

The Pop Art category includes artists like Molla Nathalie. Molla Nathalie creates both academic nudes and works inspired by African and primitive art. Her sculptures feature vibrant colors inspired by pop art sculpture style and urban style.

Street Art Style Sculpture

When it comes to street art style sculpture, Graffmatt is a name that stands out. His works, influenced by street art, reflect his musical taste, with certain sounds leading him towards darker tones, while others inspire vibrant colors.

Artist Kikayou uses acrylic spray cans to create amazing works. His expressive sculptures draw inspiration from street art and pop art. Through his art, Kikayou pays homage to icons of his time, including movie stars, musicians, and comic book characters.

Recycling Style Sculpture

When waste materials become the raw materials, the results are simply astounding in recycling style sculptures. Artist Kedarone paints characters that reference childhood and memories, to which we can all easily relate. We also have wood sculptors among our contemporary artists whose craft requires true expertise. A graphic ambiance can be observed in the majority of their works.

Explore our art galleries and website to discover the complete collection of works by our contemporary artists and sculptors, who offer diverse themes and sculpture techniques such as animal sculpture, wood sculpture, bronze statues, metal sculpture, and abstract sculpture.


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