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Buying or selling art: using an art dealer


Acheter de l’art est devenu désormais accessible : l’art se démocratise pour le plus grand bien de tous.

Buying art has now become accessible: art is democratizing for the greater good of all.
You can build up a collection of paintings by an artist you like, or mix styles and eras.
However, a question arises: where to buy a work of art?
You can go to an art gallery, to an auction room.

You can also hire an art dealer. How is it going ? Explanations.


  1. An art dealer: what is he?
  2. Why hire an art dealer?
  3. Buying or selling art with an art dealer: how does it work?


An art dealer: what is he?

An art dealer is a person or business who buys and sells works or objects of art.
It can be canvases, sculptures, objects, etc.
The art dealer is also called an art broker or art dealer.
Its clients can be individuals, companies or institutions.
He conducts his research on the national and international market. Training is being developed to become an art dealer, because knowledge of a specific field of art is not enough.
The art dealer must also master the inner workings of marketing and business and have good communication skills.

Why call on an art dealer?

If you want personalized advice on buying or even selling artworks, hire an art dealer.
More than a job, it is a real passion that drives these people.
Above all, it benefits from a network suitable for this type of transaction.

why and how to use an art dealer?
the art dealer is a passionate specialist

The art dealer: a passionate specialist


The art dealer is in a way an intermediary since he facilitates sales between individuals, galleries, museums, collectors, companies, etc., and artists.
The art dealer cannot know all the fields of art in the face of the multitude of antworks already present and in the making.
The art dealer often specializes in a particular area.
It can be an era, a style, renaissance artists, 18th century, or more modern, etc.
The art dealer must be an expert, because that is the number one reason he will be called upon.

Art dealers who have acquired a certain expertise are able to recognize an author, an artist, his story, his background.
They also need to know how to assess what can be a "good" work and can be resold on the art market.
He still has to keep abreast of new trends, new artists.
The art dealer must therefore be curious and passionate, but also patient.


The benefit of a network

Indeed, art dealers need to be patient for several reasons. The first is that it is still a very closed network.
They need to acquire an expertise, a reputation that will make customers turn to them.
It is for this reason that the mere passion for painting for art in general is not enough.
The heart of the art dealer business is the sale of works of art. It establishes important links both with the artists, but also with the buyers.
These contacts and this network are created during an exhibition or a fair.
Whether in Paris or throughout France, this type of exhibition or fair is regularly organized.
Art dealers must therefore have good communication skills, good marketing skills, know how to orchestrate fundraising, etc.

The second explanation is that an art transaction through an art dealer may take longer than through any other channel.
This type of negotiation does not always have high visibility for reasons of discretion.

Buying or selling art with an art dealer: how does it work?

When it comes to the sale of an object of art, paintings, etc., the art dealer can sometimes buy the works himself that are submitted to him and then resell them.
Again, patience is key if the art dealer does not buy the paint.
The art market is indeed subject to certain constraints such as economic upheavals, a client's "change of taste", etc.

For the purchase of artworks, you can call on an art dealer for his expertise.
He is able to advise you on an era, a century, an author and will be able to find the object that suits you according to your budget.
He can tell you the story of the artist, the paintings, and make an evaluation.
The art dealer will seek the works internationally and in France.

In all cases, the art dealer is remunerated through a commission that varies between 10 and 20%.
This means that the greater the amount of works, the more the amount of remuneration will be.

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