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Istraille | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Istraille | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Create a bridge between graffiti and traditional art by unifying them for a colorful journey!
Istraille is an artist with a passion for drawing and artistic technique, developing a unique pictorial touch combining sensitivity and strength. Born of graffiti experimentation in 2001, his career path led him to graduate as an illustrator/graphic artist, creating a bridge between urban and classical art. Using a mixed technique of acrylic paint, spray can, marker and felt-tip pen, Istraille lives and works today by combining these influences to compose moving, captivating works.
Istraille's inspirations are diverse, encompassing painting, sculpture, design, architecture, photography and nature. His artistic approach is characterized by a mixed technique in which he uses acrylic paint, spray paint, markers, pens and pencils. Each tool serves his work, whether spontaneous or precise. Fascinated by the power of the subjects he paints - whether women, men, animals or flowers - Istraille always seeks to transcribe this power onto his canvases. His aim is to create an emotional dialogue between the work and the viewer, making things beautiful and moving.
  • 2018
    Collective exhibition at the Mob Hotel
    Lyon, France
  • 2012
    Personal exhibition at the Chapelle Claire-Joie
    Didier-en-Velay, France
  • 1999
    Began teaching himself drawing then graffiti
    Perpignan, France
  • 1982
    Perpignan, France
(107 Artworks)

107 Artworks

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