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Rey Julien | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Rey Julien | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Rey Julien
Self-taught, I learnt by integrating and taking inspiration from various cultures, through my discoveries.
Although he has achromatopsia (absence of color vision), Julien Rey takes us on a journey through his paintings to urban landscapes. Julien Rey's story begins like all great stories: with an impossible dream. With achromatopsia, the artist sees only in black and white. Yet, this condition did not prevent him from traveling to the borders of Burma, from changing his life (he became a Buddhist monk there) or from embarking on art. From his trip to Burma, he brought back a perfect mastery of gold leaf, a characteristic element of his work. His technique based on lacquer worked with a knife and gold leaf inlays places light at the center of his works. Marked by Zen philosophy, he creates minimal compositions that appear as suspended moments, poetic pauses.
His unique and individual technique using varnish worked with a knife and gold leaf inlays put light at the heart of his works, playing with areas of shadow and brightness, slivers of black and gold. His representations of urban landscapes thus confront obscurity and light in contrasted compositions with impressionist atmospheres. Trying to inspire, feel and self-reflect, the artist is not looking for a true re-transcription of what he sees, but on the contrary wishes to capture and materialise with games of shadows and light the "aesthetic link between finesse and rigour, movement and perspective, emptiness and fullness." In the end, it constitutes the heart of reality but distances itself from it the most.
  • 2020
    Vernissage, dedication at the CdA gallery in Shanghai. Exhibition in about thirty galleries around the world
    Shanghai, China
  • 2018
    Public Prize, International Contemporary Art Fair of Marseille
    Marseille, France
  • 2016
    Start at Carré d'Artistes
    Amsterdam, Netherlands (the)
  • 2014
    Grand Prize of the Jury and Guest of Honor
    -Gordes, France
  • 1985
    Paris, France
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150 Artworks

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