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Blandin Magali | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Blandin Magali | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Blandin Magali
Quote from one of my clients: "Putting art in your life, and life in your art: it's you! "
It took a simple move to the south of France at the beginning of the third millennium for Magali, still a teenager, to literally fall in love with Provence and its landscapes, so often celebrated in the past. While pursuing her studies, she discovered painting on her own, in a workshop which introduced her to different techniques once a week for a year. At first, the paintings of Paul Cézanne and Keiflin Roger (born 1940), the painter of 'light filled' Provence, strongly inspired her. Starting in 2005, she began painting more and more regularly. Five years later, she set up her own studio. With a Masters in International Business in hand, and after two years of study abroad (England, Germany) her professional life developed steadily. Magali is now working in the import-export department of a large international company, leaving her time to concentrate on her first love, hoping to evolve in her artistic endeavours.
The colour and power of contrasts, from the foothills of the Alps to the Port-Miou 'calanques' of Marseilles to the l'île de Beauté (Bastia), the Mount Sainte-Victoire in Aix en Provence and the port of Martigues, have greatly inspired her to create. She paints from photographs, using also her imagination or her many trips abroad (Europe, La Reunion, USA and Japan) to recreate a warm atmosphere conducive to tranquillity and contemplation. In her paintings, shadow and sunlight reflect off the clouds, rocks and sea to create contrast and perspectives. She applies oil paint sensually on canvas, working with a knife to create relief, depth and multiple shades. In 2014, she also began using collage and acrylic, creating equally successful triptychs in a more abstract style.
  • 2018
    Solo exhibition at the Radisson Blu Hotel
    Marseilles, France
  • 2017
    First solo exhibition at Domaine Terre de Mistral
    Rousset, France
  • 2014
    Exhibition at the Carré d'artistes gallery
    Aix-en-Provence, France
  • 1987
    Orleans, France
(229 Artworks)
229 Artworks
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